Younique’s New Duet Product Review & Why You Need All of Them

image of Younique Duet productsYounique just launched the most exciting products, dubbed the “Duet” line, and these products will kind of blow your mind. No matter who you are, what kind of work you do, if you know how to apply makeup or not, these products are for you. True story.


Because they are simple. And oh so easy. And perhaps the best part? They are foolproof. Legit foolproof. Like anyone can use them and come out with the prettiest look ever.

“Take all my money!” is exactly what ran through my mind when I first saw these products. The colors are amazing, but the ease and simplicity is worth millions. (Total side note, but one day I actually weighed my makeup bag before a flight to Mexico and it was 6 pounds. 6 freakin’ pounds of makeup, ya’ll. For Mexico. Insert shocked emoji here because that is just crazy to me. And stupid.)

So yes, the simplicity of being able to travel with a few products for a complete look is priceless to me… and frees up space for more shoes!

Think of the life you lead:  Are you a working mom? A stay at home mom? Traveling corporate executive? Daycare worker? Student? Grandmother? It does not matter one bit. The whole “Duet” line was made for YOU, whoever that looks like. It takes all of the hassle out of it for you and just creates a professional look in half the time.

Here’s the kicker though… These products are exclusive and will sell out. Once they sell out, they are gone for good. Insert tear here.

What is the new Younique Duet line?

Younique launched Duet products in eyeshadow, lipstick, and a sculpting stick. Each product has two different shades, hence the name, which makes your life so much easier. There are six beautiful eyeshadows, six fabulous lipsticks, and three various shades of the sculpting stick. You’ll fall in love with the colors, both neutral and daring, and the dramatic look you can achieve in such a short amazing of time.

Younique Duet Eyeshadowsimage of Younique duet eyeshadow

The Younique Duet Eyeshadows come in 6 shades:

  1. In Sync With: Slate blue shimmer/Matte orange
  2. On Same Wavelength: Pure silver shimmer/Matte royal blue
  3. Like-Minded: Bronze shimmer/ Matte light tan
  4. To The Same Degree: Violet purple shimmer/Matte midnight black
  5. One And The Same: Petal pink shimmer/Matte Burgundy brown
  6. Sweet-Sounding: Purple pink shimmer/ Matte chestnut brown

How to use Duet Eyeshadow:

  1. Apply the top shadow to your lid for all-over color.
  2. Use the bottom shadow on your crease and/or outer V.

That’s it! A perfect and completed look using only two shades! The best part? These shades really do look great on all skin tones! Talk about easy!!

image of younique duet lipstickYounique Duet Lipstick

Our Duet lipsticks produce the perfect ombré lips in this two-in-one product. You can contrast, while creating the perfect full lip in this fun product. You will save time and omit the hassle that comes with using a lip liner or multiple products needed for an ombré look. The lipstick is shaped like a teardrop and the tip of it has a different shade that the bottom. The tip is used on the outer part of the lips to create the ombré look.

The Younique Duet Lipsticks come in 6 shades, varying from bold to subtle:

  1. Hitting It Off: Bright purple to hot pink
  2. Seeing Double: Grape pink to baby pink
  3. Think Twice: Burgundy to classic red
  4. Of One Mind: Deep purple to mauve brown
  5. Tight-Knit: Warm purple to mauve rose
  6. Evenly Matched: Soft brown to light pink

How to Use Duet Lipstick:

  1. Place the tip of the teardrop at the edge of your top lip and apply just as you would with regular lipstick.
  2. Turn the lipstick upside down (or just tilt it sideways) so that the darker color goes on the outside of your bottom lip.
  3. Blend together using your hands or by rubbing your lips together.

Younique Duet Sculpting Stickimage of younique duet sculpting stick

Highlighting and contouring your face has never been so simple! Younique’s Sculpting Sticks make for the perfect tool for giving your face a sculpted look with little to no hassle.

The Younique Duet Sculpting Sticks come in 4 shades that correspond to what color Touch Liquid Foundation you wear. They are:

  1. Light: Best for Scarlet, Organza, Velour, and Taffeta
  2. Medium: Best for Taffeta, Chiffon, Satin, and Cashmere
  3. Dark: Best for Cashmere, Velvet, Charmeuse, and Chenille
  4. Deep: Best for Chenille, Cypress, Suede, and Georgette

How to use Duet Sculpting Sticks:

  1. Use the lighter side to highlight the areas of your face, such as: above your brows, under your eyes, above your cheekbones, Cupid’s bow, chin, and the area in between your brows and above your nose.
  2. Use the darker side to contour the areas of your face, such as: below your cheekbones, your jawline, the sides of your nose, your temples, and your forehead.
  3. Use the Younique Powder/Concealer Brush or your favorite blending buds to transition your face into a readied and effortless look.

Younique Duet Collection

Want all three Duet products with a 17% discount? Grab the Duet collection and save some dollars! You get an exclusive black and white Younique bag and your choice of a Duet lipstick, Duet eyeshadow, and Duet sculpting stick!

All of the Duet line products were made with simplicity in mind. Never has creating the perfect face been so easy! Remember though, once these products sell out, they will be gone forever. Be sure to grab yours soon!

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