Review of Younique Touch Stick Foundation

image of stick foundation before and afterYounique now has a full coverage stick foundation that is so lightweight and easy to use! I was able to get mine this past weekend and, to be honest, it’s my first time to ever use a stick foundation. I’ve learned that there’s really no wrong way to apply it and I love the ease of that, especially since I’m a newbie. (But for real though!)

One of the coolest parts is that whether you need a lot of coverage or just a little, you will achieve the look you want with Younique’s stick foundation. You can have a matte or dewy finish; it’s completely up to you and the look you are going for. It really is that easy and effortless, so the worries go right out the window! You’ll be a pro in no time!

Yes, the Stick Foundation really is that amazing

I always feel like I hit the jackpot with the Younique products I’ve tried that I have not otherwise been familiar with and the stick foundation is just another example! I grew up watching my mom use a stick foundation, but I’ve never owned one. Shoot, the first time I even used liquid foundation was when Younique released one, so this is no different.

The first time I put it on my face I knew this would be my go-to product for an amazing finish with very little effort. I know you hear me out there, other busy people! My before and after pictures of using Younique’s stick foundation shows off quite a different look. The best part, however, is that from the minute the foundation goes on your face, it’s just another minute to achieve the flawless look. This is a great product for all of you that don’t want to spend tons of time putting on makeup!

What makes the stick foundation from Younique the best?

This stick foundation is emollient-based, which means it softens and nourishes the face. It’s a simply product to use: You just need to take off the lid and twist the stick to reveal the foundation. This foundation gives you full coverage with a matte or dewy finish. (You can achieve a matte finish by using a translucent powder or pressed powder after applying the foundation. You can achieve a more dewy finish by only using the stick foundation.) Like mentioned previously, there is no wrong way to apply this foundation. I like to draw (about) two-inch lines on my cheeks, nose, under my nose, and forehead before buffing into my face and neck with Younique’s Kabuki Brush.

Here’s my Stick Foundation Before and After photo

image of before and after Younique stick foundation

How to apply Younique’s Stick Foundation

Isn’t the difference really noticeable?

I guess I’m “lucky” (and I use that term very loosely) that I have a pimple on my face so that I can really show off the coverage. (I’m not sure if the pimple is a result of me not washing my face as great as I should have been because of not wanting to get my face wet after microblading, but anyways…) As you can tell from the stick foundation video, the application part is really easy and just takes a few minutes.

image of Younique stick foundation shade swatchThere are 19 shades of the stick foundation to choose from and I am happy to help you pick the perfect shade for your face. Just send me a bare-faced selfie and I’ll get back to you with your color match. As always, we have a no questions asked “Love It” guarantee, so you can rest-assure that you will get the right shade and love it, or get your money back.

Whether your skin tone is uneven, whether you have acne or rosacea, or whether you just want a little more rawr in your life, Younique’s stick foundation will give you the confidence to put a little more pep in your step! You can order your little bit of extra confidence right here and I’m always happy to help you with whatever you need!

I would love to see your before and after pictures and review of the stick foundation in the comments after you’ve tried it out.

P.S. Why do my before pictures look like mugshots?! I should probably smile a bit more in them. Ha!

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