Review: 1 Month Using Younique Touch Stick Foundation

image of Younique Stick FoundationIt’s been about a month since I’ve had Younique’s brand new stick foundation and it’s time to share all the things I love about it… because you need to have this product in your hands. With just a few swipes of this magic stick foundation, your face is literally transformed. It hides the imperfections, including any acne, lone pimple, rosacea, uneven skin tone, and redness. You have it and Younique’s stick foundation will help hide, cover, and enhance.

Younique’s stick foundation is a full coverage foundation. The coverage that you get from using this product will seriously knock your socks off (if people still even say that!). You will have a dewy finish if you use the stick foundation on its own. If you prefer a more matte finish, you just need a little translucent powder, like this one here, or applying pressed powder over it will also do the trick. Both products will give you a more matte finish, with the translucent setting powder also working to keep your makeup in place without needing to reapply.

Flawless skin.
More confidence.
Enhanced beauty.
A little more pep in your step.

Why not?!

Stick Foundation Pro

image of stick foundation YouniqueAs I mentioned before, I’m completely new to the whole stick foundation makeup thing. It’s a product that I’ve never tried before and one that I wasn’t even sure how to use, if I’m being honest.

So many questions: How do I use this? Is there a wrong way to use it? Am I applying it right if it feels like I look like I’m putting war paint on my face? Ha, ha. Kind of joking with that last one.

Armed with my stick foundation in one hand and my brush in the other, it was time to create a beautiful and flawless canvas. I started out just like any other stick foundation virgin would and began to draw lines all over my face – a few on my cheeks, one down my nose, two on my forehead, and a few others in the areas that had nothing. Then I started to blend lightly and in little circles. It just takes a few minutes and it is the easiest thing ever!

Stick Foundation Review: A Few Helpful Tips!

One helpful tip for you: A little product goes a long way! Instead of drawing a ton of lines on your face initially, play around with the product to see what you need for the desired coverage that you want. If you find that you need a little more coverage, simply add more stick foundation to your face and blend. It’s that easy!!

The final tip for you is that you will want to use a Kabuki brush or Younique’s concealer/powder brush. (An added bonus is that this brush is two-sided and will be useful applying concealer, powder, and just about any other makeup you need.) Using your hands or a blending bud won’t work the best for you. You’ll find that they don’t blend the stick foundation into your skin as easily and you will end up using a lot more product than needed.

Want to try the stick foundation? Click here!

Here are a couple of before & after pictures using Younique’s brand new stick foundation for you to look at below. Isn’t the coverage just amazing?! If you need help with picking the perfect color for you, just send me an email and I can color match you!

image of Younique stick foundation image of Younique stick foundation after



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