How to get the BEST results using Younique 4D Mascara

image of how to apply younique 4d mascaraIf your Younique 4D Epic mascara just arrived in the mail, open that bad boy up and let’s talk about how to apply it to your lashes so that you end up with the best results!

The 4D Epic mascara is a one-step mascara that comes with a double-sided brush. This two-sided brush interlocks with Y-shaped fibers to produce natural lashes for the ultimate WOW factor look! It’s easy to use and gives you results off the charts! It’s completely up to you on just how drastic you want to take your lashes.


How to Apply Moodstruck Epic 4D Mascara:

  1. Mix your wand in the mascara tube to make sure the mascara gel and fibers are nicely combined together.
  2. It’s a good idea to scrape off the excess at the opening of the tube prior to applying the mascara to your lashes.
  3. Wiggle the brush at the base of your lashes (from left to right) and then roll the wand upward toward the tip of your lashes.
  4. Repeat the steps above until you are happy with your lashes!

The Younique Moodstruck Epic 4D Mascara can turn the puniest lashes into something extraordinary! Just keep in mind that you may have to play around with the 4D mascara to figure out what application works best for you.

Here are some helpful application tips that I’ve learned (and heard) from others:

  1. Less is more. image of younique 4d mascara application tips
    You don’t need to coat the mascara wand with a lot of product. A little goes a long way. I’ve found that I don’t need to dip my wand back into the tube once I’ve started to apply the 4D mascara. When I do, my lashes tend to stick together and clump.
  2. The lash comb is your friend!
    I like to comb through my lashes prior to putting on my 4D mascara to make sure they are as separated as can be. After I apply the mascara to my lashes and once it’s dried, I like to go back in with the lash comb and give it a good comb through again. This is especially helpful if there are any lashes that are close together or any clumps.
  3. Let it dry.
    One of the awesome things about 4d mascara is that it is completely buildable. That means that you can keep adding as many coats on your lashes until your heart is content. I would suggest waiting for the mascara to dry in between coats. When the mascara is still wet, it tends to be too much product on my lashes. After I’ve waited until it’s dry, I’ve found that it goes on smoother and gives better results.
  4. Blowdryer Trick
    Remember the blow-your-lash look a few years ago? Some have tried it with the 4D mascara to find that the results are incredible! I’ve yet to try it with the 4D mascara, but since I loved it with the 3D mascara, it’s definitely on my list to do!
  5. To curl or not?
    If you have straight lashes, you may be inclined to use your lash curler to give your lashes a little lift. If you do, make sure to curl them at the base, in the middle, and toward the top for a little extra! The 4D mascara brush does have curling abilities in it, so try applying it with a lash curler and without to see what works best for your lashes.
  6. Tips, then entire lash
    To really give that extra oomph without the multiple coats of 4d mascara, try putting the mascara just on the tips of your lashes before going back and applying on your whole lash.
  7.  Have fun!
    image of before and after younique 4d mascaraMost importantly is to play around with Younique’s 4D mascara to see what works best for you and your lashes! We are all different and our lashes come in all different sizes and shapes, too. Play around with the above and see what you find that works best! (Leave your 4D mascara application tip(s) in the comments for others to try.)

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