Don’t believe the hype. Success is not an accident.

Yes you can have success in direct sales!Success is not an accident. It is not something that happens overnight. It has nothing to do with luck. It doesn’t happen without hard work and dedication. It doesn’t happen without failing either. Some of the most successful people out there have failed more times than you might have even tried. Some of them have even lost everything in the process. Instead of staying down, they rise up. Instead of complaining, they work smarter. Instead of being defined by their failures, they are more determined than ever to learn from their mistakes and are inspired to be better next time.

Success is not an accident. Success is a mindset. It’s the sheer determination to be great and never give up. It’s the belief of being deserving. It’s the culmination of daily efforts multiplying. It’s getting the job done every single day whether you feel like it or not. It’s forming good habits and consistent efforts. It’s being aware and present every second of the day. After all, we only have the present time. There’s no sense in looking to the past because we cannot change that. There is also no sense in putting things off until the future because when that future day arrives, it will be your present. We only have the present time.

And it is the present that makes all the difference in the world between successful people and unsuccessful people.

Take your health, for example. If you decide to eat pizza today for lunch today, you will not gain weight. You will not have high cholesterol. Your blood pressure will not change. You not see any negative results from choosing to eat pizza for lunch today.

But, if you continuously decide to eat pizza every single day for lunch, your health will take a toll. You will have gained weight. You will most likely have high cholesterol and a bucket of other health issues. Every choice you make in the present is significant and directly impacts your life, even if it doesn’t seem to matter at the time. Choosing to eat pizza for lunch won’t make a different right then and there and because it won’t make a difference, you might keep choosing to eat pizza. Over time you will notice a huge difference all from choosing something that didn’t seem to matter in the moment you chose it.

It truly is the little things that matter and add up to either being successful or not.

Let’s take your Direct Selling business as another example. You sign up for a home-based business opportunity because you would love to make extra money to quit your job, but get caught up in being busy and not putting any action towards your new business. Maybe you talk to a friend here and send an email out there, but no significant amount of work has been done.

When you don’t see instant results, you start making excuses as to why direct sales doesn’t work. Is that the truth though? Of course not. Did you give it your all? Absolutely not. All you did was talk to one friend and send out one email before deciding that the industry doesn’t work… But you didn’t give it a fair chance. You wanted to see instant results and when you did not see that, you gave up.

What if you would have talked to one friend every day and sent out one email every day for one month? Do you think you would have seen different results? Of course you would have. You made the effort and chose to work your business daily, even though you may not have seen instant results. You believed in the process and had patience. You planted seeds every day to your friends and family.

In both of these examples, the decisions made to work or not work your business didn’t ultimately impact your day. But over time, these decisions will be the deciding factor in how your business grows. When you don’t work your business and hope for a miracle, your business does not grow. When you put time into your business and plant seeds, your business will start growing. It really is that simple.

And that’s the difference between successful people and unsuccessful people in any aspect of life.

The healthy and fit people out there have made the decision to choose healthy options for meals and to go to the gym regularly. Both of these decisions can be seen when you look at them. The decision to go to the gym does not magically transform an individual into a toned body instantly, just as the decision to eat pizza one day won’t make you gain weight, and just as the decision to not put time into your business one day won’t make you unsuccessful. Over time, though, is a different story.

The people who go to the gym regularly will start seeing results of a more toned body. The people who eat pizza daily will start to gain weight. The people that don’t work their business every single day will fail.

What you do on a daily basis and the decisions you make on a daily basis do impact your life greatly. Successful people know this and are fully okay with not seeing instant results. They keep working towards their goal and planting seeds. They know that there’s no magic pill for immediate weight loss. They know that having pizza one night every two weeks isn’t going to kill them or make them gain weight. They know that contacting people about their business will start to show results in the form of a new customer or new team member. And they just keep on working.

Think of the new musician you hear on the radio. While it seems like an overnight success because you keep hearing the same song on many different radio stations, it’s not. What you don’t know is that the singer started off in a club, sent countless songs to record producers, got many rejection letters, and kept on going. There’s no such thing as an overnight success; you just might not know what happened in the background before success happened.

And specifically, that’s where, I think, people get it wrong in the Direct Sales industry. Story telling is huge in this industry and rightly so; everyone loves a good story, myself included. But when the story just includes the highlights, it can appear to others like it was an instant success and that’s not the truth. Again, success is not an accident and I’ll now leave you with my story.

I’ve personally sponsored 122 ladies into my Younique business and, on average, have at least 40 brand new customers every single month. I hit Elite Green status in Younique on the first day of November, Elite Orange status on the 10th day of November, and Exclusive Purple status on the 28th of November. I got to Black Status with Younique, which is the highest status in the company, during my 10th month of being a presenter. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

Here’s what you don’t know though: In March 2014 (2 months into being a presenter), I only had 5 orders. (Well, 3 of those orders were my own, so I really had 2 customer orders.) In April 2014, I had 3 virtual parties that all flopped and had zero in sales. In May 2014, I only made $76.25 for the entire month. In July 2014, I hit Blue status in Younique and stayed there for 3 months.

Throughout my whole Younique career, I’ve been very consistent with my efforts. I have always talked to people, whether in real life or on social media. I have always been very active on social media. I have always messaged old friends on Facebook. I have always followed up with people that inquire about Younique. I have always sent thank you notes to my customers. I have always run my errands with 3D mascara on me. I have always worn the products. I have always listened to webinars and trainings. I have always looked for opportunities to talk about Younique.

Do you know how badly I wanted to quit Younique in the beginning? It was tough. I felt like I was putting so much effort into my business, but not seeing the results that I felt I should be seeing. (Completely unrealistic, by the way. The instant gratification that we feel so entitled to for whatever reason is not a good thing.) But my why and my passion kept me going. I knew deep down that I would get to Black status and that is the reason why I was consistent with my efforts and made the choice to work my business every single day. I have always done the exact same thing over and over.

There is no magic. There is no luck. There are no instant results. It’s the culmination of working smart every day and being very consistent with your efforts, even on the days when you don’t want to do it. Really, that’s the big secret. Success is not an accident.

So, my question to you is what will you decide to do on a daily basis? How will you decide to take charge of your life and make it great?

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