Day 4 of Marathon Training: 6 miles!

image of day 4 marathon trainingDay 4️⃣ of #MarathonTraining 6 miles‼️

Best Parts: We are visiting Pennsylvania and went running at Fort Washington State Park. It was so beautiful & only 48 degrees 🙌🏼

Running has ALWAYS been a thing for my dad. I grew up watching him train for marathons & cheering him on throughout each race. I’ve always been inspired by him & just how effortless he makes it look.

I guess that’s why running is something I want to do. So today was extra special since we got to run together. He’s super fast but ran at my speed & pushed me to run a little faster. The scenery was beautiful to run through too. All in all, it was just perfect & I am so full of gratitude ❤️ 

Random thoughts: Lots of uphill & whoa 😯 So tough but I did it!! Also, talking while running is something I don’t know how to do so I was a good listener 😂

We ran & walked, uphill & down and found a trail to explore. Just beautiful ❤️

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