Day 3 of Marathon Training

image of day 3 marathon trainingDay 3️⃣ of #marathontraining & #last90days

➡️ Listened to The School of Greatness podcast, but couldn’t get out of my own head to focus on it so switched to music. Can’t say I felt that either 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

➡️ Power word: Greatness. I have to admit “lame” kept popping in my head so I just repeated greatness more & more.

Today isn’t about complaining. It’s about the realness & today was tough. I felt really slow & heavy on my feet. I don’t ever eat breakfast (haven’t since March 25th) but decided to have a scoop of peanut butter before my run today. You know, for added energy 🙄 Well, that didn’t go as expected bc I got a cramp in my side. Also, my left heel hurt bc I landed on a rock last night while playing football. Yay fun times. There were also fast runners ALL around me & I let that get in my head. Red shirt man that lapped me. I see you 😂 You’re a badass.

Overall, I just felt disappointed.

BUT I’m not one to dwell on what didn’t go right so I knew I needed to share this with you. Every run won’t be easy. Every challenge won’t go smoothly. But the fact that we keep on going, especially in the hard times … that’s what counts. It would have been SO easy to throw in the towel today & go back home. But dang it y’all, I am worth more than that. And so are YOU, bad days/times and all!

If you are doing the last 90 day challenge like I am, these days are going to pop up. Shoot, it’s only Day 3 right now & my run sucked. The habits we are forming & the promises we are keeping – that’s what this is all about 🙌🏼

Today I walked more than I ran & that was a bummer. Those “who do you think you are?” & “yeah right, you’ll never run a marathon” thoughts tried to enter my mind, but I didn’t let them. 💪🏼

I did 3.93 mi total (supposed to do 3). 👏🏼 

I didn’t turn around to go home. 👏🏼 

I kept on moving with forward progress & I hope that you will choose that too when the times get hard.

Random Thoughts: I wonder if squirrels get winded when they dart across the street to climb a tree 🐿

Goals: To be so focused & out of my own head like the other runners look as we pass each other. 🏃‍♀️

#40before40 #KristinRunsAMarathon

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