Day 1 of Marathon Training

image of day 1 of marathon trainingDay 1️⃣ of MARATHON training: 3 miles ✅ 

➡️ Listened to Tony Robbins about mindset 

➡️ Power words I said: Unstoppable & Powerful

Why I’m sharing this: I have this HUGE goal of completing 26.2 miles before I turn 40 in May. I am SO slow so I could think that it’s not even worth sharing … but I know there are others out there wondering if they can do it. Whether “it” looks like a walk around the block or jogging for 1 minute, we all start as beginners & keep getting better each time we do the thing.

It’s funny because my pace was 11 minute miles when I did the half marathon in 2013 & I was embarrassed bc I thought that was slow 🤣 That seems like a sprint compared to where I’m at now. But I’ll get there & you will too … You just have to start! 🏃‍♀️

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