Your kids are watching. What are you saying about yourself?

image of body imageRemember what you say to her (or him)…

She listens.

She watches. 

She thinks you are beautiful. 

Stop telling her you are on a diet.

She listens when you say you are fat, ugly or when things are wrong.. as you cry, swear, step on the scale every single day and speak badly about yourself.

Because in her eyes she will one day remember…

The perfume you wore. 

The days out to the cinema.

Having snowball fights in winter.

Picnics in the summer holidays.

How you lovingly played with her hair.

She won’t remember the fat stomach, the cellulite, or the stretch marks that you see. You don’t want her to remember how awful you feel after a “cheat day” or a day you missed the gym.

Change your words to “eating healthy” and “eating nutritious food”. Be sure to teach that exercising is to be “stronger” and “healthier”, not exercising to punish your body.

Because she is listening.

She is watching.

She is taking it all in.

And she will remember… Everything ❤❤

Photo credit Meg Gaiger/ Harpyimages 

@harpyimages on IG

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