Younique’s Self-Tanning Spray For Face Review: Does It Really Work?

Image of the Younique tanning spray on my faceI’ll be the first to admit that I have never used self-tanner on my face. I am a champ when it comes to applying it on my body so that I have a great looking tan, but applying it on my face is a completely different story. Probably because I have super sensitive skin and then there’s always that possibility of ending up orange or streaky and having to go out in public that way. Like seriously, what do you do then?!

One of Younique’s brand new Spring products is self-tanning spray. While intrigued by a self-tanner that is a spray, it also made me a bit nervous. When I say I’m a champ with self-tanner, I’m talking about self-tanning lotion or self-tanning mousse. Not a self-tanning spray. To be honest, I’ve never used a self-tanning spray before in my life. And with the dangers of using tanning beds, I’m very much open for alternatives! But, for the sake of getting a self-tanner product review out to you to consider, I took one for the team and went into my bathroom to see what this spray was all about.

Y’all. It’s so easy that a 5-year old could do it. (I tried to get my son to try it, but he wanted no part of that.) It’s so simple that I wondered to myself why I hadn’t tried out a spray in the past… I mean, I could have had a gorgeous looking tan on my face to match the one I had all over my body. Ha!

Here’s a video review of the Younique’s tanning spray, where I’m tanning my face:

Before I talk about how to apply the spray and my self tanning spray review, let’s go over the important questions that I know you are thinking:

What does the self-tanning spray smell like?
Let’s get into the smell of Younique’s Beachfront Self-Tanning Spray first. (Trust me, this is a very important question, as every obsessed self-tanner knows!) Self-tanners are known for having that smell. You know that smell I’m talking about, the very distinct self-tanning, almost burnt skin, smell. You don’t like it, I don’t like it, and people around you don’t like it.

So guess what? This self-tanning spray DOES NOT HAVE that yucky smell. (Sorry for the caps, but it’s a big deal!) That’s right; no terrible smell to it at all. Nothing that will remind you of that one time you sat next to someone on a plane that smelled like they bathed in self-tanner. (Worst flight ever.)

There is a light fragrant smell to Younique’s self-tanning spray, but it’s not strong, nor is it overpowering. It’s a clean, fresh scent that you won’t mind having on your face or body.

What applicator is best to use with the self-tanning spray?
Younique’s Beachfront Applicator is perfect for the job! It’s small enough so that you can get all around your face with ease. If you’ve read any of my other tanning posts, you know that I’m obsessed with the tanning mitt from St. Tropez. However, I found that the mitt is too large for my face. The body applicator worked better and I haven’t missed a spot yet!

Image of me showing my Younique tanning spray tanDoes the self-tanning spray leave you looking orange?
This is another big one since we are talking about your face. Who wants to have an orange face? The Oompa-Loompa look is not okay. The spray leaves you with the most beautiful and natural-looking tan ever. You won’t be disappointed!

Can you use self-tanning spray on sensitive skin?
No matter what kind of skin you have, it’s always a good idea to test a small area first before applying any product to your whole face. I tested the spray behind one of my ears and checked it the following day. No irritation or reaction from the spray, so I knew I was good to go. I have the most sensitive skin ever and I have not had any issues with using the self-tanning spray on my face.

Can you use self-tanning spray on your face while wearing contacts?
This is another question that you will have to try out for yourself, but I wear contacts daily and haven’t had any issues with using the spray on my face. Of course I close my eyes when I spray my face and that’s been enough for me.

Where should you use the spray?
You can use the tanning spray anywhere you want: Your face, legs, arms, stomach, etc. Sprays are especially great to use for those hard-to-reach places, like the top of your back or behind your legs.

How To Apply Younique’s Self-Tanning Spray:
1. Wash your face/body with an oil-free cleanser.
2. Exfoliate your face/body to get rid of any dead skin.
3. Do not apply any other product to your face/body. No moisturizer, serum, or lotion. You want your face/body to be completely clean.
3. Apply Younique’s self-tanning spray directly to your face/body and use your preferred applicator to dab in the spray. You can use the Beachfront Applicator from Younique, a tanning mitt, latex gloves, or even your bare hands. (If you use your hands, be sure to wash them immediately so that they don’t get tanned.)

Pricture of me with self-tenner on my faceSelf-Tanning Spray Tips
1. It takes the spray 8-12 hours to fully develop.
2. Because of #1, wait at least 12 hours before applying another coat.
3. Wait 8-12 hours before showering as to not shorten the life of your tan.
4. If you put the spray on your face, you can put makeup on over it.
5. Using products that are oil-based will shorten the life of your tan.
6. Staying moisturized will help lengthen the life of your tan.

That’s it! It’s super easy to get a healthy, beautiful, and sun-kissed tan on your body without having to spend hours outside in the sun. If you have any questions, let me know how I can help!

Ready to order your own bottle of Younique’s Beachfront Self-Tanning Spray?

CLICK HERE to go to my Younique website and get your self-tanning spray. (And don’t forget about the optional applicator.) I’m sure you’ll be really happy with the results like I am!

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  1. I just put my younique self tanning lotion on. I loved the way it smells and goes on.
    My question is to keep the tanned look, how often do I need to reapply? Also do I need
    to exfoliate every time I reapply?

    • Yay! I’m so happy that you love it. It’s such an amazing product 🙂 I notice mine start to fade weekly due to shaving because of the summer. When it starts to fade, I will use the spray tan in those areas. You can definitely reapply at this point too and, yes, you’ll want to exfoliate every time.

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