Younique Products News: $2.06 Million in Sales in December

The Younique Products business is growing by leaps and bounds. In the next few days I’ll be posting some fun updates including my before and after photos when I put on the Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes. 🙂

If you would like to learn more about the Younique Products business or products, click here. Be sure to contact me if you’d like to join my team. We have some VERY exciting things happening that I’ll be sharing with you soon. Below is the newsletter sent from Younique Products Founder, Derek Maxfield sent to all Presenters.

Younique Products Newsletter

Happy Monday Younique Presenters!

Younique Products Derek Maxfield

Younique Products Founder, Derek Maxfield

In all my years of business, a new year has never seemed quite so exciting to me as 2014 does right now! The oft-overused direct sales industry term of “momentum” certainly has application to what we are seeing right now with Younique, and all of you are a part of it! One of the ways direct sales companies know for sure that they have momentum is they grow during the “down” months and they explode during the typically-big months. We certainly saw many teams explode during November and December and now with January upon us I was bracing myself for a little slow-down. I should have known better!

We are less than 6 days into January and we are already pacing well ahead of both November and December. That’s insane! Many companies just wonder how much they will go down, and don’t dream of growth. But we’re not many companies, we’re Younique! As an example, we have already brought 662 new Presenters into the family in January, that’s well over 100 per day! All I can say is, let’s keep this momentum going!

Final Numbers for December:
December New Presenters: 2,138
December Sales: 2.06 million.

Pigment samples in stock starting Wednesday at 12:00 Noon Mountain time! You wouldn’t think such tiny little products would be so time consuming and difficult to manufacture, package, and keep in stock, but as many of you know we are long overdue in getting the pigment sample pouches back available in your back offices. With supplies somewhat limited again (though not quite like last time) we wanted to be sure to give you some notice and give you a heads up on pricing:

  • 15 shimmer pigments (10 of each color; 150 in total): $60 US / $72 CAN (40 cents each)
  • 15 matte pigments (10 of each color; 150 in total): $60 US / $72 CAN (40 cents each)
  • 6 concealers (10 of each color; 60 in total): $30 US / $36 CAN (50 cents each)
  • 5 blushers (10 of each color; 50 in total): $25 US / $30 CAN (50 cents each)

This is higher than they were priced last time but like I said those little buggers are a bit more involved than we had initially thought. This time, however, they come pre-packaged in sets of 10 in little clear baggies and the overall sets of 10s all grouped together in a black Younique-branded bag with zip lock sealer. One of Younique’s goals for this coming year is to make more and more products available in sample size, including some of our liquid products like Glorious Primer, so more to come on this front!

As indicated in the caption above, these samples will be made available for non-commissionable purchase in your back office business supplies section beginning Wednesday at noon mountain time. We will then keep you updated periodically on remaining supply available.

Have a fantastic week everyone!

—- End of email —–

Interested in learning more about Younique?

If you’re interested in the Younique Products or work-from-home business opportunity, please contact me via phone or email. As you may have read on my “About” page, my husband (yes, he’s helping me and everyone on my team) is working on some great materials to help us build a thriving Younique Products business.

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