Younique Incentive Trip: Let’s Go To Jamaica!

Who wants to go on a cruise to Jamaica with me? The Younique Jamaica cruise will be so much fun!Younique has announced the 2015 Incentive Trips, along with the qualifications to win the trips and I could not be more excited! Where are the trips to, you ask? Jamaica and the West Indies. Ahh, are you excited yet?! The fact that presenters are awarded for our hard work with a free vacation absolutely blows my mind! Oh but wait, it gets better…

On the cruise to Jamaica, you won’t be on a ship full of strangers. Oh no. You’ll be on a ship with ALL Younique presenters. You heard that right: ONLY Younique presenters on the ship. Younique is so cool that they have the entire ship dedicated to Younique presenters and their families.

As if that wasn’t enough, here’s the best part: Every single Younique presenter has the chance to earn this Jamaican cruise. Oh, you’re not a Younique presenter yet? That’s okay, because you can sign up and work hard to earn this trip. The qualification period just started on January 1, 2015, so there is still a lot of time. You can become a Younique Presenter today by going to:

But if you feel like you’re missing out by not having the full qualification period, guess what? If you sign up between January 14, 2015 – February 14, 2015, Younique will add 1,400 Incentive Trip points to your account… just for signing up (and you will get some Younique cash deposited in your back office, too)!

Are you excited yet?

Excited to go back to Jamaica thanks to Younique!How To Win A Cruise To Jamaica Thanks To Younique!

There are so many variables in how you can win points for Younique’s Jamaica “Fill The Boat” Cruise. You can sponsor new presenters and help them reach their Fast Start Bonus, which will earn you an extra 1,400 points. You can help your team members advance and promote to the next status, which will earn you both points. You get points based on your “Paid As” status every month. You get one incentive point equivalent to your personal sales every month. When you register for the 3rd annual Younique convention, you’ll get an extra 1,000 points. Other additional ways to earn points will be announced as time goes on, too.

Younique is making the Incentive Trip to Jamaica very attainable for all presenters. Not only can we pay our bills in mascara, but we also get to experience new things and places. We get to meet new friends. We get to work hard towards our goals closely with our teams to help one another. Most importantly, we get to have FUN!


And isn’t that what life is all about? Having fun and surrounding ourselves with people we like and that matter most to us. Making every single day count. Actually living throughout the day instead of just going through the motions. I don’t know about you, but I wish every single one of my friends and family members could win this cruise with me. How awesome would it be to go on a free vacation with the people closest to you?

Younique Incentive Trips 2015 to Jamaica and West IndiesIf you’ve ever thought about becoming a Younique presenter or if you can’t stop thinking about joining Younique, what’s stopping you? Maybe it was a previous bad experience in this industry? If so, let that go. Seriously, let it go. Don’t let a bad sponsor or company taint your opinion of what an amazing sponsor and company should look like. Take the plunge and let’s work together to form a plan so that you can achieve what you want.

If you’re scared to start something new, that’s okay too. I know new things can be scary, but what’s even scarier is living and always wondering what would have happened if you would have just tried it. It’s a new year and a great time to start something new so that you can better your life.

If you’re just looking for a better way, more money, new challenges, or anything of the sort, here it is. Give Younique a try!

If you want to know more about the Younique Incentive Trips, like the cruise to Jamaica, how to earn points, or how to sign up, just let me know. Give me a call or send me an email!


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