The Younique Convention: A Truly Life-Changing Experience

image of the Younique logo at Gaylord TexanI’ve been home from the Younique convention for two days now and my head is still spinning from it all. I learned so much from the speakers and Derek Maxfield and Melanie Huscroft. The energy was beyond anything I could have even imagined. It was electrifying and something that I was very proud to be a part of. Being at the Younique convention just reaffirmed that the timing was right for my to join Younique and that I’m where I’m supposed to be. I’m thrilled, blessed, and proud to be part of this amazing company that has morals and actually cares about the presenters. Hands-down, joining Younique was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

So let’s start from the beginning of the convention. I was really nervous to go to convention alone without anyone from my team. Sure, my sponsor would be there, but I knew that she would be really busy meeting a lot of people. I’m not the type of person that likes to do things alone, but you know what? I did it and I was fine. I made it and I actually learned a very important lesson about myself: I am a little stronger, braver, and more motivated than I give myself credit for.

Arriving At The Younique Convention…

At the Gaylord Texan Dallas TexasThe first thing that I did when I arrived at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, TX was go up to my sponsor’s room to pick up some goodies she had for me. I got a cute purple bag, a purple watch, a purple necklace, and a notebook. I love getting free stuff! Next, I needed to walk downstairs to register. Walking into registration wasn’t bad, but when I got there, I did notice that there weren’t too many people by themselves. I stood in line and started talking to the group in front of me from Boston. Talking to other presenters helped to pass the time until I was ready to pick my classes and get my t-shirt.

After registration I had a team meeting with my sponsor and all of the other people on her team. It was a good team meeting and I can’t wait for some of my team to join me next year! I actually won an award and it was such a nice surprise to be recognized for my hard work. The trophy was for being a “rising star” in Younique. The only bummer is that it broke on the plane and another one will be sent to me sometime soon. I can’t wait to get it though!

In between the time I had after my sponsor’s meeting up until the convention officially started, I met two friends. They were just sitting on a couch and I wanted to charge my phone. I asked if they minded if I sat by them and then we started talking. Then we went to lunch together and attended the general session together. It was really great to meet such sweet new friends to share the convention time with.

The first meeting of the convention was next and the Emcee, Jason Hewlett, was hilarious. He’s so funny and his material is appropriate for all ages, which I really liked. The whole time I kept thinking how much my son would have loved his act and been laughing so hard! After this general session, it was time to go to our first class.

How to Create a Culture of Success within Your Team By Jaron Winder

Jaron started off with Younique’s mission statement, which is: “Our mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.” One of the first things Jason said was to add the word “leader” to the front of Younique’s mission statement, changing it to: “A leader’s mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world…” so that we can create a culture of success within our teams.

Here’s how to create a culture of success in our teams, according to Jason:

1. Be the Leader
– Set the pace.
– Walk the walk and make sure you follow-up
– Lead by example
– Build teams, not orphanages
– Genuinely care
– Encourage stability

2. Create a Sense of Belonging
Every potential presenter:
– wants to feel valued
– wants to feel needed
– wants to give individual contributions
– wants to feel appreciated
– wants to be immediately included in the family

3. Communicate
– Create Team Facebook groups
– Send out a monthly newsletter
– Do team conference calls, webinars, and take advantage of skype and Google hangouts
– Have a weekly challenge/video/tips to encourage your team

Melanie Huscroft

Melanie Huscroft, Co-founder of Younique

4. Motivate
– Individual vs. Team Motivation: Focus on individuals and motivate them
– Connect with each “why”
– Work with the willing.
– Uplift, empower, validate, and build self-esteem
– Positivity at all times. Absolutely no negativity.

5. Set Goals (and then demolish them!)
– Individual vs. Team Goals
– S.M.A.R.T. goals:

6. Develop Leaders
– Offer training and coaching
– Get presenters to green
– Keep their momentum moving forward
– Have them take on small roles in team trainings

Finally, Jason encouraged us to think about three things that we can implement today to help create a stronger culture of success within our teams.

“10 Famous Movie Quotes to Adapt to Your Younique Business” by Christine Strong

Christine’s PowerPoint was full of movie quotes and how we can apply them to our business. This was a fun class!

Movie Quote #10: “I want the fairytale.” Pretty Woman

“Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” – Oprah Winfrey

You can have the fairy tale.

  • Dream Big: What do you want out of life?
  • Have Goals: When do you want to achieve it by?
  • Create a Plan: How will you get there?
  • Don’t Settle for Less: Envision what you want to do and whom you will be sharing the experience with.
  • Expect Success: Surround yourself with those who believe in your dreams and encourage you to accomplish them.

Movie Quote #9: “Bond. James Bond.” Dr. No

“Did you choose your identity consciously, or is it the sum total of what other people have told you, significant events in your life, and other factors that occurred without your awareness or approval? If you were to begin to define yourself differently, in a way that’s more empowering and accurate for who you are today, how would you describe who you’ve become?” – Tony Robbins

Commit to being the best you, ever.

  • Be Proud of Who You Are: Introduce yourself and your business to everyone you know (and don’t know).
  • Be Your Own Walking Billboard: Business cards, magnets on your car and windshield, t-shirts, and other logo wear.
  • Be Proud of Your Profession: Be the best at what you do; you are a professional direct seller

Movie Quote #8: “Anyone? Anyone?” Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

“If you push through that feeling of being scared, that feeling of taking risk, really amazing things can happen.”

Your belief system will make or break you.

  • Anyone you are standing next to can be your next customer, hostess, or team member
  • Anyone can be a prospect to introduce your product line or business opportunity
  • Anyone could have a financial need right now and YOU have the opportunity of a lifetime readily available to help them change their situation.
  • Don’t prejudge or allow your personal fears to hold you back. Someone is in need of your product and business opportunity and are waiting for you to come along. It’s up to you to find them!

Movie Quote #7: “Shut up. You had me at hello.” Jerry Maguire

Don’t talk yourself out of a sale or a new recruit.

  • Don’t try to sell them before they trust you. Ask questions to build rapport before you ask for the sale. The more questions you ask, the easier it is for you to find their need and fill it.
  • Use General Language. Don’t talk over your prospect’s head. (ex. Downline, generations, circle) Use words they can relate to and understand.
  • Find out your prospect’s need(s), then fill them. This can only happen if you ask a lot of questions.
  • Don’t beg for business. It makes you look desperate and gives the image that you are not successful. It also cheapens the image of our profession.

CowgirlMovie Quote #6: “I can’t believe it.” “That is why you fail.” The Empire Strikes Back

“The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem. Do you understand?” – Captain Jack Sparrow

The biggest obstacle that can hold you back… is you!

  • Believe you are worth more: You must be willing to fight for your dreams against the negativity of the herd. Reduce your time with dream stealers.
  • Invest in personal development: You must have a structured self-development program. Continually grow by reading and being mentored by experts in the direct sales industry.
  • Don’t quit because you are having a tough moment: The opposite of success is not failure; it’s mediocrity. Failure is a part of success. And to reach true success in our profession, you must be willing to pay that price (the price of building skills and character).
  • Motivate yourself, inspire others: Expectations are a powerful tool. Letting people know that you expect great things of them inspires them and helps them develop the confidence they will need to do so.
  • Keep an attitude of positivity: When you have a negative mindset, every minor challenge will turn into distraction and distractions kill growth. Every backorder, price increase, or compensation plan change, etc. will turn into a complaint session. And NO ONE participating in complaint sessions is building a business. Being positive does not mean you are naïve, it means you are a leader.
  • Believe you will achieve, no matter the obstacle: With a positive mindset, distractions don’t affect you. You accept them as a part of the process and you stay focused on your goal.

Movie Quote #5: “Well, nobody’s perfect.” Some Like It Hot

“Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.”

Nobody’s perfect

  • If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. To reach huge success in our profession, you must be willing to pay the price. Dedicating to working your business, investing in personal development, and allowing time for it all to come together.
  • You won’t be perfect at first. We all start in the same place. No matter how long someone has been in the business, they can still make mistakes.
  • Be okay with speed bumps in the road. The company is rapidly growing at an exponential rate and your personal business may be too. Roll with the flow. Speed bumps can cause us to slow down exactly when we need it to avoid the potential crash ahead.
  • Be gracious. Somewhere, sometime, someone, or something will let you down. Be gracious.
  • Be forgiving. One cannot move forward when they are always looking behind.
  • Be humble. There is room at the top for more than one person. If you don’t move over to make room for others, you might get knocked off entirely.
  • Be thankful! The team on top of the mountain didn’t just fall there. You are part of a team and your success is the direct results of those in your circle and downline. Be sure to recognize your blessings.

Movie Quote #4: “I’ll be back!” The Terminator

“I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

Fortune is in the follow-up.

  • NO: You are going to get it. Get used to it. Not a personal rejection.
  • NOT NOW: You are going to hear this too… but how many actually follow up? The Millionaires do.
  • YES: But did you follow through when it was all over? To repeat the process?
  • Organize, automate, and grow your business: Think about your last party, event, or social networking situation. Do you have a system of follow-up created (1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, years) and do you honestly work that system?

Kristin and Younique Sponsor NicoleMovie Quote #3: “What we’ve got here is failure to communicate.” Cool Hand Luke

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.” – Richard Branson

Treat your team like stock. Invest in them.

  • Appreciation: Stocks can increase in value, and decrease. This can be seen directly in your paychecks. They directly correlate.
  • It’s all about the timing: Your recruits need you to invest in them, especially during their first 3 months. If they make money right away, they will stay. Encourage sisterhood. Unite.
  • Show them how, don’t just tell them how: Invest your time and share your knowledge and experience. This will increase your team member activity and retention rates.
  • You don’t need to invest in “trinkets and trash”: You are not bribing them to sell. But YES, you should always recognize their accomplishments.

Movie Quote #2: “I’ll have what she’s having.” When Harry Met Sally

“You can tell who the strong women are. They are the ones you see building one another up, instead of tearing each other down.”

“Congratulate others for receiving their blessing. Your time will come, so no need for the jealousy.”

Younique’s culture is a direct reflection of your actions.

  • Sisterhood culture: Demonstrate a standard of integrity on your team. Refrain from jealousy/drama and instead uplift and empower.
  • Weak links: Drama tears your team apart and weakens the company. There will always be a drama queen or diva who eventually shows up, but they will find the positivity culture intolerable and quickly adapt or move on to something else.
  • Success chain: This business operates via a system where success comes from people helping others reach success, where you are paid for reaching down and mentoring others. There is unlimited space at the top levels.

Movie Quote #1: “Show me the money!” Jerry Maguire

“82% of women in the United States who make $100,000 a year or more did it through Direct Sales.”

“People think that at the top there isn’t much room. They tend to think of it as an Everest. My message is that there’s tons of room at the top.” – Margaret Thatcher

You can make a lot of money!

  • It’s up to you: The bonus check you will receive every month has YOUR name on it, no one else’s. Be responsible for going first, testing the way, finding what works.
  • Operate by a no-excuse policy: It’s not your team’s fault, your sponsor’s fault, the company’s fault, or the product’s fault. Figure out a way. Every “hero” in your life has had “problems”, but they became your hero because they overcame. They didn’t wallow in an excuse, but rather figured out a way to overcome.
  • Walk the walk: Your #1 obligation in the business is to become successful yourself. Model the behavior and show your team how the next level of success/rank is attained. Then your #2 obligation is to taproot and help build success under your people.
  • Your team is a volunteer army: You can’t hire or fire them, therefore learn to inspire, lead, and partner for a common goal. What they do impacts your results and income.
  • Always attend Younique events: Major events are where the life-changing decisions are made and large spurts of rank advancements always follow major events. So don’t be foolish to skip to rationalize why you don’t need to attend. This thinking prevents more people from reaching success than anything else.

Christine’s class was great! I learned so much about myself and the qualities that I need to work on.

Younique Highlighting and Contouring 101 By Mickey Gunn

Highlighting and contouring is something that I wasn’t sure how to do before attending this class, so I was pretty pumped to learn how to do it. She showed us how to higlight and contour using Younique’s BB creams and then using Younique’s cream foundations. It was so informative and I’m excited to practice on my own face!

A few things I learned about where to highlight:

– Center of the forehead
– Bridge of the nose
– Cupid’s bow
– Chin
– Underneath eyes (magic triangle)
– Above and below the arch of the eyebrows, which gives the eyebrows a lift.
– Always use 2 shades lighter than your face color when highlighting
– Always blend up in a circular motion

Where you want to contour on your face:

– Top of your face along the hairline
– Temples
– The sides of your nose up to your eyebrows
– Underside of the cheekbones
– Below jaw line blended down to the neck.
– Always use 2 shades darker than your face color when contouring.

Mickey’s class was really helpful and I feel like I got my own (semi) private makeup lesson!

7 Pillars of Success and Leadership By Mona Ameli

This class was a great talk about believing in yourself. At one point she had us all recite something out loud that was found in our convention notebook and it was really powerful. It’s easy to be down on ourselves, but I learned that I should always believe in myself, no matter what. After all, when Mona first came here, she didn’t speak much English and she barely had any money to her name. She figured out her passion and her “why” and built a successful career within the Direct Sales industry and is a non-profit founder of Women Without Borders, which helps women and families with domestic violence.

7 Pillars of Success and Leadership:

1. Believe in yourself
2. Teamwork
3. Your differences are your best assets.
4. Passion (Your “why” in action.)
5. Make a difference
6. Integrity and responsibility
7. Never stop learning

Here’s what was printed in our convention notebook that we all recited out loud. It was pretty awesome!


Never stop believing in yourself
When others doubt; don’t you.
Do what you love to do
No one knows better than you.

Life is too short to live other’s dreams
Follow your own dream
Push yourself to reach your goals
And live the life you once dreamed

Trust your instincts.
Be true to yourself.
You know what is right for you.
Never give up or give in.

Forget the words “I don’t know how”.
You can learn,
You can search,
You can do.

Your mind is powerful.
When you believe you can, you will find a way.
You won’t waste a day.

Persist and persevere
Do not fear
Because if you believe in you
You will find dreams can come true.

May all your dreams turn into goals,
Believe in yourself.
And remember, all your life is a choice.
The decision is up to you.
Believe in yourself. Dare to be whatever you want to be.
Remember that I believe in you.

Once Mona’s speech was over, it was time to race back to the room to get ready for dinner and our cowboy chic night! We only had an hour, so you can imagine the rush! We learned about some amazing product reveals at dinner and the energy in the room was out of control! I’m sure everyone in the hotel could hear us screaming with excitement over the new products and the fact that we learned that we would get most of them at convention!

New Younique Product Reveals:

Kristin and fellow Younique Presenter1. Lash Comb/Brow Brush

– Launches September 1, 2014 for $20 USD
– August Kudos: Lash comb/brow brush comes with any of the collections that are ordered in August.
– Metal comb that works wonderfully to separate the lashes.
– Brow brush to tame and shape eyebrows.

2. Divine Daily Moisturizer

– Launches November 1, 2014 for $39 USD
– Specially formulated for all skin types in an airless pump.
– Fewer preservatives
– Cleaner formulation
– Ingredient highlights include: Beta Fructan, Highly refined triglyceride oil, Honeysuckle (flower extract), Blue Lotus (flower extract), Witch Hazel, Gotu Kola (extract)
– Formulated, prototyped, and manufactured in the USA!!

3. Moodstruck Precision Lip and Eye Pencils

– Launches September 1, 2014 for $15 USD each
– Super long-wearing
– Soft glide-on application
– Excellent coverage
– Non “waxy” feeling
– Waterproof, smudge proof
– Ingredient highlights include: Jojoba oil, Vitamin E, Vitamin C Derivative, Hydrogenated cottonseed oil
– Made in Germany

Kristin holding the Younique Eye Serum4. Uplift Eye Serum

– Launches September 1, 2014 for $65 USD
– Oil free (oil-less oil)
– Preservative free
– A little goes a long way
– Fights appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
– Fragrance free
– “Nutrition” for your skin
– Dye free
– Ingredient highlights includes: Rich in vitamins (E, C, CoQ10), Natural skin lipids (Squalane from sugar cane), Antioxidants, Sweet Iris (Iris pallida leaf cell extract)
– Proprietary formula with international patent pending!
– Made in the USA!

5. Illuminate Clear (for oily skin, formerly named Awake)

– Launches October 1, 2014 for $39 USD
– Same benefits to oily skin
– Same familiar color and packaging
– Improved formulation without any controversial ingredients
– EU compliant
– Same ingredients of garden chrysanthemum, aloe vera, and licorce root, just a slight reformulation

6. Illuminate Clean (for normal to dry skin)

– Launches October 1, 2014 for $39 USD
– Brand new product
– Formulated for normal to dry skin
– Milder formula than Illuminate Clear
– Ingredient highlights include: horse chestnut, gingko biloba, super leaf extracts

7. Glorious Primer

– Launches November 1, 2014 for $39 USD
– Reformulated with fewer preservatives
– Repackaged with an airless pump
– Cleaner formula
– Made in the USA!

8. Moodstruck Minerals Blushers

– Launches November 1, 2014
– Changed from loose powder to pressed powder
– Loose blusher powders will discontinue after the end of October 2014

9. November to Remember!

– 6 new collections will debut in November 2014
– Current collections will continue until November 2014
– 2-year anniversary product launch!
– Killer November Kudos in the works!

10. New Younique Presenter Kit!

– Effective September 1, 2014 with a new shipping box!
– Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes
– Moodstruck Makeup Eye Brush Set
– Luxe Lucrative Lip Gloss
– Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powders: Glamourous, Heavenly, Precocious, Infatuated, Daring, Devious, Sexy, Angelic)

It was such an amazing part of the night to hear all of the above product reveals! And one of the best parts is that we each took home: Lash comb/brow brush, sharpener, all 15 Moodstruck Precision Lip and Eye Pencils, Uplift Eye Serum, Illuminate Clear, Illuminate Clean, and the biggest, most awesome makeup carrying trunk with Younique’s name on it. Seriously, I don’t know how the people that flew to Dallas got the trunk home. I’m so in love with it!

After the product reveals and dinner, we all went to another ballroom for our cowboy night. There was a dj playing great music (not all country) when we walked in. There were huge life-size cowboy boots standing in the middle of the floor. A mechanical bull for us to ride. Bar stools that looked just like saddles. A photo booth with props. It was too cool! Younique really went above and beyond with decorating and thinking of every little detail. I mean, even my hotel room key card was purple and had the Younique logo on it. Way too cool!

The next morning came way too early, but I was really excited to hear the first speaker of the day, Bill Rancic! Just as a side note, he is such a handsome guy. All of the ladies at my table were gushing about him (myself included)! He explained a little about how he developed the entrepreneur love at a young age, while at his grandmother’s house making pancakes for her friends. That evolved into him and a friend creating a cigar of the month club, then being on and winning the first season of the Apprentice, and finally working with Donald Trump. He was a great speaker – funny and really made his points clear to us.

Photo of Younique Presenters and Bill Rancic at conventionSome of the things I learned from Bill Rancic:

  • Don’t bury potential.
  • Why aren’t we all successful? Because of fear. Fear to make mistakes. Fear of what our friends will think.
  • “Always do what you’re afraid to do and you will succeed.” – Emerson
  • You need a strong foundation to build on top of what you want and you will succeed.
  • When you conduct, potential is inevitable.
  • Always work harder and never act like you know it all because you won’t get to where you want to go/be in life.

Traits of successful entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, etc.:

1. They are good decision makers. You have to commit.
2. They are very creative to market themselves and reach people in their community.
3. They never quit/never make excuses. They never point their fingers at others. Instead, they take responsibility and hold blame on themselves to fix the issue.

Traits of failures/people that struggle in life:

1. They are reactive, not proactive.
2. They surround themselves with negative people, not positive ones.
3. They don’t realize their potential and do nothing to better themselves or their situation.

He ended with reading a quote from one of Joel Osteen’s book about the power of potential. He said that when you look around at a cemetery, there’s so much wasted potential everywhere you look. The author that never made it. The lonely woman that never reached out for friends. We need to realize our potential and go after what we want. He was such a wonderful speaker!

Live, Love, and Share Your Business by Younique’s Director of Marketing, Stacy San Juan

Stacy is a funny lady and I knew that her class would be informative and fun right from the get-go!

One of the most interesting things she told us was that she conducted an experiment with rice. She called it the “Love You/Hate You” rice experiment. She boiled water, cooked rice and put it in two different airtight containers. One jar was labeled “Love You” and the other was the “Hate You” jar.

Every time her and her family members walked by the jars of rice, they would talk to the rice. They would say nice things to the “love you” jar, like “I love you, rice. You’re so yummy and delicious.” They would say things like, “I hate you. You are boring to eat. You are sticky.” to the “hate you” jar.

Do you know what happened over time?

The “love you” rice stayed in tact, while the “hate you” rice molded quicker and turned black. How’s that for talking positive to yourself?! It’s amazing to me that this would happen with rice and I can’t wait to conduct this experiment on my own! I’m not sure how to talk to rice and might feel silly doing so, but the message of how the power of words is so important in our lives really peaked my interest.

Stacy encouraged us to develop our 30-second pitch about Younique. In this pitch, we should say who we are, the company we are with, and what distinguishes us in the business. We should use this pitch every time we want to talk about Younique to a potential customer or presenter.

Younique & Social Media Marketing  by Shama Kabani

One of the first things that Shama said was, “People are now the media”. So true, isn’t it? We were taught five ways to leverage social media better in this class.

1. Identity-Based Ecosystem. We need to showcase our identity while making it more about our customer’s brand, then our own brand.

2. Content Curation and Aggregation. Timing is everything. You want to reach people where and when they are looking so that it’s relevant to where they are in life.

3. Embrace Online Videos. Make videos

4. Set Up Your Own Hastag/Tweetchat. On Twitter, the more you do, the luckier you get.

5. Optimize with the Right Tools. Take advantage of the “short cuts” online where you can update Facebook, for example, and use a site that will update the same information to your Twitter account without you having to do it.

Get Your Girl Back by Traci Bild

Having fun at the eventTraci Bild was hands-down my most favorite. You know those times you hear something and you feel like it was just meant for you? That’s how Traci’s talk was to me. I felt like she was talking directly to me and it was just amazing. There were so many times when I had tears in my eyes while she was talking. Traci started the “Get Your Girl Back” movement in 2013 and I wish I learned about it then. I cannot say enough good things about Traci, her talk, and the “Get Your Girl Back” movement.

She told us a few years ago that she found a box of old love letters in her closest. These were letters she wrote to her husband in the early years, you know, before getting married and before having kids. Reading the letters made her think to herself, “Who is this girl?” and she got sad because she realized that she had drifted so far away from that girl.

Can’t you relate? Prior to marriage and kids, life is a lot easier. You have less priorities. Less responsibilities. Then you get married and maybe have financial problems. You have kids and have to deal with balancing being a mom, wife, and the girl you used to be. You worry about getting the endless laundry finished, having everyone fed three times a day, going grocery shopping to make sure you have food, trying to balance being a mom and wife, finding time to even take a shower, and then it repeats the next day. It’s so easy to lose the girl that we once were because she keeps getting pushed further and further back until one day we realize that we don’t even know that girl anymore.

And Traci’s goal is for us to find her again. To be that madly in love with your husband kind of wife. To be the mom that jumps on the trampoline and plays with your kids. To have fun like you used to have. To be that girl that you once were.

Get Your Girl Back:
1. Define YOUR girl
2. Don’t be a realist; be a dreamer!
3. Don’t worry about how you will do it. Fake it til you make it.
4. Just decide!

  • Focus on what you can do and what you want.
  • Prioritize Your Life: Live according to priorities. Be true to your authentic self. Don’t let priorities conflict with life.
  • Build Goals around Priorities: Take a stand and live on your own terms. Come up with three action steps to help you get your goal.
  • Stay Focused and Follow Through.

I’m so excited to read Traci’s book. All of you out there that are trying to find balance make sure you pick up a copy of her book. I really think it’s going to be life changing.

Next it was time to rush and get ready for dinner. We were supposed to dress to the nines in formal attire and get ready in less than one hour. Isn’t that funny since it usually takes women a really long time to get ready? Most of us did it though!

Amazing Dinner For Younique Presenters

We had a great dinner (did I mention that breakfast, lunch, and dinner was included in the convention ticket) and got ready to hear the awards. After the awards were finished, Melanie Huscroft, co-founder of Younique, addressed us and talked about self worth. And it was powerful. I wasn’t ready.

She held up a crisp $100 bill and asked us how much it was worth. Next, she crumbled it up, stomped on it with her foot, and chewed it in her mouth. She asked us again how much it was worth. And then she told us that she was sexually molested and her self worth was broken and crumbled just like that $100 bill. There were tears everywhere.

Then Derek Maxfield, founder of Younique and Melanie’s brother, got up to speak. He talked to us about the amazing numbers that Younique had produced this past year and how all of his goals have been broken and surpassed what he thought.

For example, from August 2012-July 2013 the company’s numbers was at $969,632.00 and August 2013-July 2014 the numbers jumped to $64,441,767.00.

That’s huge growth!

Derek said that he fully expected for the company to not be profitable for at least the first two years. Then, he thanked us for not spending all his money and for our hard work since the company is profitable and it’s been less than two years. Even though he was on stage and speaking to a crowd, you can tell how passionate he is about Younique. You can see how genuine he is and how humbled he is by the fast growth of this company.

Derek Maxfield, Younique Founder, CEO Announcements

Younique Goodies1. Starting September 1, 2014, all markets will get a PayQuicker card and be paid as quickly as we are in the USA!

2. Starting on November 1, 2014, Younique will have a car bonus!

3. Convention 2015 will be in Chicago!

4. Younique UK launching October 1, 2014

5. The Younique Foundation will happen in 2015!

Next Derek called his three daughters on stage, who are all very young. He told us that 1 in 3 girls are sexually abused by the time they reach age 18. I can’t explain in words just how powerful this point was. Again, tears were flowing, including from Derek. He picked up the crumbled $100 that was still on the floor from when Melanie was speaking. He placed it on an ironing board and began to iron it. Then he showed it to us again and it wasn’t crumbled anymore. It was whole again and in a better state.

And this is what the Younique Foundation will do. There will be a place in the mountains of Utah for broken and crumbled women and families to go to get the help they need to be whole again. Being apart of a company like this that cares SO much is the most rewarding thing. I’m so proud to be a Younique presenter. It’s been the best decision I’ve ever made and hearing this from Derek was the icing on the cake. As presenters we will have the option of donating some of our commissions to the Foundation, as well.

The Younique convention was nothing short of amazing. I learned so much invaluable information, met new friends that quickly became Y-sisters, and had a wonderful time. I’m looking forward to the next convention in Chicago and I can’t wait to start putting all of the information I learned into my business to really step it up! Game on, for sure! By the next Younique convention, I want to be standing on that stage accepting my award for becoming Exclusive Black Younique Presenter. (Update! I became an Exclusive Black Younique Presenter in November, 2014!) I want my name to be on the screen for everyone to see. I want to see all of my hard work to pay off… and I can’t wait! It’s an exciting time to be part of this company and the momentum is unlike any other.

Are You Ready To Join Younique?

As I’m sure many of y’all know by now, I’m 100% focused on sharing the amazing Younique products and helping others build a successful home-based business. If you have any questions about any of the products or you’d like to join our team, please contact me and I will get right back to you. Thanks!

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  1. Well done. V,au i take a few items from the convention notes for my posts? I am determined to be way more than yesterday. I just started this month. I seek to learn more about e-sales and enjoy the ride. I hope to see you in Chicago
    Can you tell me if I need formal wear? Beign from the PNW….that would mean….no Birkenstocks 🙂

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