Week 4, Day 1 of Marathon Training 3.64 miles

image of netflixWeek 4, Day 1 #MarathonTraining 3.64 miles 

Listened to: My buddy Tony Robbins 😉 

Power Word: Strength

Today was a great run 🏃‍♀️ Kind of uneventful in that this is just what I do now & how I start my mornings. I’ve really become grateful to start my day this way & find myself looking forward to it … dare I even admit, a little sad on the cross training days. Never would have thought those words would come out of my mouth 🤭

It was my fastest yet with an average pace of 13’34 & fastest mile of 12’41. It still sort of feels like I’m dying at the beginning until I get to about the half mile point & then I get into my groove. I guess the thing that’s different is that I just keep going even though it’s hard. I’m getting stronger & am learning to do goofy (but real) things like just to smile because that makes the beginning suck just a little less 😃

I do not want to complain but ASICS does not do returns if you’ve worn the shoes so I bought some inserts this morning & it made a world of a difference. I was so frustrated yesterday with #Asics customer service (it was terrible) & recommend not buying their shoes from their site. Go to a store that offers a return policy.

That’s enough of that 🤨

After my run I went for a 38 minute bike ride because my podcast wasn’t over yet. The weather is so fantastic & I felt strong today 💪🏼

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