Week 3, Day 4 of Marathon Training: 7 miles!

image of swollen handsWeek 3, Day 4 #MarathonTraining 7️⃣ miles!

💥Listened to 🎶 My Badass playlist 

💥Power Word: Don’t give in (which eventually turned into some choice cuss words to represent my frustrations) 

This pic is awesome 😳 It represents a lot happening. First, how can you not notice how massive my hand is. I don’t know what happened there but swollen hands that feel like they are going to break the skin suck.

Then let’s notice the 2 pairs of shoes.

I started out wearing the new rose gold ones. That’s right – I had a shoe change mid run. I don’t think that’s even a thing that people do. I was debating whether or not to go shoeless for the walk back home, but decided that wouldn’t be comfortable either. I hope #Asics let’s me exchange them 🤞 I should have known better than to go on a long run in new shoes, but that thought didn’t cross my mind. Y’all. These shoes. Totally cute, but did not do it for me at all. They hurt. My feet kept falling asleep. They are not comfortable. I need some cushion in my running shoes 🤣

I ended up running through a walk for kidney cancer around mile 2. The fact that there were a lot of people in white shirts should have been my first clue, but it wasn’t. It was time to run so I ran through the walkers & ended up right in front of the photographer. What are the odds?!

Yesterday afternoon I started to mentally prepare for running 7 miles & I was stoked. It carried on all throughout the night & this morning. I. Was. Ready. 

The good: Even though the first mile never seems to be my best – it was today. My pace was 13’20 – the fastest yet 🙌🏼 Also, I learned that my mental game is strong. The fact that I came back home to change shoes & went back out to complete what I set out to do proves that. I am proud of myself for that. 

The ugly: After that 1st mile, things never picked back up. 2nd mile was 13’57, then 14’10, to finally 17 min bc I was walking in pain and had to stop for traffic. I felt disappointed in myself initially. 

But I did what I set out to today. It can only get better from here right? 🤣

Happy Saturday & Go Astros ⚾️ 

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