Week 3, Day 2 of Marathon Training

image of marathon shoesWeek 3, Day 2 of #MarathonTraining

Listened to ➡️ Silence & The Greatest Showman soundtrack 

Power Word ➡️ Stronger. Better.

Whew. Today started out different than every other morning so I felt a bit thrown off. In the past when I’m thrown off, I tend to blow off the entire day. But today was different. I didn’t get to run until this evening & bc it was late in the day I wasn’t really feeling it. It was kind of chilly outside & I wanted to stay in.

I laced up my shoes, did it anyways, & kind of hated the first 10-ish minutes. But then, y’all, I felt like a real runner again. For the 2nd day in a row 🙌🏼 My stride (if that’s what it’s called) was great & it didn’t feel like my feet were shuffling. I felt legit 🤣

Here’s one of the best parts: “A million dreams” from The Greatest Showman came on & I FELT the words. Like really felt them. Cried even & ran faster. So dang proud of myself.

Did 4.18 miles total at a 13’51 pace. I loved the cooler Fall weather & felt amazing! I came back home & went for a bike ride because I was in 3rd place for the health challenge I’m doing (more on this later). Cycled for 2.05 mi.

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