Week 2, Day 3 Marathon Training

image of week 2 day 3 marathon trainingWeek 2, Day 3 #MarathonTraining
(3 miles)

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HPX with Tony Robbins 🤴🏻 

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You got this

Another day of me looking drunk on the treadmill 🤪 I mean, I honestly have no idea how you treadmill runners do it 😂 Today was great though! I did 3.51 miles & despite wanting to be finished right at 3 miles, I’ll tell you why I kept going.

As you know, I am doing this marathon to push myself & to prove that I can do all the things. I got up early to head to the gym bc I was convinced that I was going to run into #RachelHollis & #DaveHollis & that we would be immediate besties.

Spoiler alert: That did not happen 😞

I was walking & running like I’ve been doing when I noticed the guy on the side running at 9.4 mph. Total sidenote: I am pretty sure looking at someone else’s treadmill screen is totally bad gym etiquette but he was amazing. Then he left & a girl got on & started running at 7.8mph. I wanted to high five her but she was so in the zone so I refrained. I stayed at my comfortable place of 5.0 mph.

Then I’ll be damned if #TonyRobbins didn’t start talking about fear & how you have to take massive physical action to make a change. He shared the story of when he was living in Venice, CA, poor, & 38lbs overweight. He decided enough was enough and went to the beach to run. And run. And run. He kept pushing himself to go way past his comfort zone bc he vowed that he would never be in that situation ever again.

I’d be lying to y’all if I said that I didn’t think “mother f*cker, these are all signs to push myself”. So I did. I increased my mph to 6.8 & ran my little heart out for 45 sec – 1 min increments.

Want to know the best part?

I didn’t die. It was out of my comfort zone, but left me feeling so proud of myself. & honestly it wasn’t too hard to do. We can do anything for 1 min, right?! 😉

I’m still holding out that I will get to meet Rach & Dave today at the #Influencer2019 conference 🤞

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