Top 60 Women’s Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Christmas

60 stocking stuffer ideas for the women in your life!Stocking Stuffers. Everyone loves checking out the goodies in their stockings on Christmas morning. Am I right? Ever since I was a little girl, my favorite part about Christmas morning has always been looking at the items in my stocking. (My husband has been trained, ha-ha!)

I don’t know what it is about it, but it makes me so happy! It’s amazing at how much stuff can be crammed into the little space, but my parents always did a great job on giving me a good one and I try to do the same for my family every year, too. After searching the Internet and racking my brain, here’s a list of great stocking stuffers for the moms, wives, girlfriends, sisters, and any other women in your life:

The Top 60 Women’s Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

1. Nail polish (Can’t go wrong with Essie nail polish. It’s long lasting and there’s a ton of colors to choose from.)
2. Scratch off lottery tickets (Could be a winner, you never know! And if she is, make her split it with you. Just kidding. Kind of.)
3. Restaurant gift cards (Everyone goes out to dinner)
4. Earrings
5. 3D Fiber Lash Mascara by Younique – What woman doesn’t want beautiful lashes? (Did you really think I’d leave this one out? Ha! You can order yours right here.)
6. Chocolate (Yum!)
7. Magazines (So many topics to choose from: Recipes, Shopping, Health, Fitness, Money, Entrepreneur, and more!)
8. iTunes gift card (Hello, songs!)
9. Amazon gift card (Amazon has everything a person needs in life.)
10. Lip gloss
11. Picture frames (The jeweled ones are the best!)
12. Movie tickets
13. Pedicure gift card (Relaxation, what?!)
14. Earbuds for working out (Replace the white iPhone ones with a bright color to make working out more fun, or at least you can pretend)
15. Bubble Bath
16. Bath bombs by Lush (Lush bath products are amazing! You can’t go wrong with bath bombs, bubble bars, or any of the other bath products they offer.)
17. Candle
18. Personalized coffee mug
19. Wine stoppers
20. Starbucks gift card (Mmmm, coffee!)
21. Compact mirror (To apply lip liner on the go or to make sure there’s no food in her teeth. It works great for both!)
stockings hanging from a mantle above a fireplace.22. Phone case
23. Notepad (A cute chevron print always goes over well.)
24. Caramels
25. Apron (For the chef in your life.)
26. Perfume (Not sure which perfume to pick out? Sephora has a fab perfume sampler.)
27. Lip balm
28. Hand lotion
29. Nail file
30. Smart phone gloves (So that her hands can still work her phone even when it’s cold outside!)
31. Hand warmers (To put in her smart phone gloves.)
32. Key chain (Get it monogrammed for her.)
33. Scarf
34. Sleep Mask
35. Wine glass charms
36. Coasters
37. Sunglasses
38. Mug warmer (So that she doesn’t have to keep using the microwave when her coffee gets cold.)
39. Heart monitor (For exercise, not old age. There is a difference.)
40. Fitbit (To keep track of her steps, especially when she makes a New Year’s resolution to exercise more. C’mon, we all make them!)
41. Necklace (Charming Charlie’s has a great selection on jewelry that won’t break the bank.)
42. Personalized ornament (Nothing says that you put effort into something than personalizing an ornament. Bonus points for adding kids to it too.)
43. Scalp massager (For those days when you just don’t feel like rubbing her head.)
44. Watch
45. iPhone stand
46. DVD (Movies or exercise videos do the trick.)
47. Crossword puzzle/Wordsearch/Sudoko
48. Soap
49. Bracelets
50. Headband (This is especially good for working out.)
51. Puzzle
52. Stacking rings
53. Scented hand sanitizer (We all use it. Why not make hands smell nice after?)
54. Brush
55. Travel flat iron
56. Cute magnets
57. Bath tub pillow (For those times when a bath will have to do for relaxation.)
58. Champagne split
59. Magnetic To-Do List
60. Blinged out mace/pepper spray (We all need protection, so why not make it at least cute?)

You can’t go wrong with any of the above stocking stuffers for women. Whether she’s into wine or into books, the list has you covered. Good luck and happy Christmas shopping to you! Also, don’t forget to check out the 52 stocking stuffers for the men in your life, and the 58 stocking stuffer ideas for your kids, too!

By the way, is there anything you think should be added to this list of women’s stocking stuffers? Feel free to comment below!

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