Top 6 Fab Hair Styles for the Summer

headband hair style

It’s so easy to get stuck in a hair rut, don’t you think? If you’re anything like how I am (and have longer hair), you might notice that you do the same few things with your hair all of the time (hello side braid and pony). This past week I decided that while I do not want to cut my hair, I do want to start trying out new ways to wear my hair. I’m ready for a little change for sure!

Here are some super simple ways you can wear your hair for a slightly different look. Most of these are for longer hair, but there are a few short hair tweaks you can do, too!

Pin It Hair Style1. Pin It

Get a cute bobby pin and pull your hair back to one side. You can also cross two bobby pins and pin your bangs back on top of your head.

It’s a great way to keep bangs off of your forehead, especially if you are growing them out. It’s also a fab fix to keep your hair back on a warm day.

beachy waves hair style2. Beachy Waves

Tousled, beachy waves are perfect for the summer time and so easy to do! Grab 2-inch wide sections of hair and wrap around your curling iron. Make sure you wrap/curl away from your face to get really pretty waves.

Beachy waves are great because you don’t want your hair to look perfectly curled; you want a wavy mess of beautiful tresses.

top bun hair3. Top Bun

I love how buns look, especially when they have that thrown together, not every hair is in place kind of look. And they are perfect for those days when you are short on time! All you need to do is put your hair in a really high pony, secured with a hair tie.

You can sleek your hair back in the pony for a tighter look, or you can leave it looser for a softer finish. Wrap your hair around the hair tie to cover it and secure with bobby pins. You can make your bun tall or wide, whichever you prefer. So easy and chic!

headband hair style4. Headband

Headbands are great for a relaxed or even modern feel. For a more relaxed boho-chic look, pick your band and have it lay on your forehead instead of on the top of your head. You can get bands with dainty pieces hanging down on the back of your hair for a pretty look too!

If you’re not sure you can pull off the boho look (I’m talking about myself here), why not try a more modern look? Pick out your fav headband, whether it’s blinged out with jewels, feathered, or just a plain color. The trick for making it modern? Make sure you tease the hair behind the headband for a little poof at the crown. This looks really great on short hair.

braided fun hair5. Braided Fun

For a more relaxed and summery bun, try to French braid one side of your hair and then continue the braid down to the nape of your neck. At the nape, grab all of your hair and make it a pony.

You can leave it as a pony, or wrap hair around the hair tie and pin with bobby pins. It can be as clean or messy as you like (I really like the messy look!) Voila!

fishtail hair style6. Fishtail Side Braid

Gather all of your hair to the side. Part hair down the middle. Grab a thin section of hair from the left outer side, pull it over the left side, and under the right side. Do the same now with the right side: Grab a thin section of hair from the outer right side, pull it over the right side, and under the left side. Keep on going until you’ve braided all of your hair and then secure it with a cute hair tie. It’s a nice twist on the braid!

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