Top 21 Fab Uses For Coconut Oil

21 uses of coconut oilCoconut oil is all the rage right now! It seems like everywhere you look you see something about coconut oil and the amazing things it can do. I know the grocery store I go to has huge displays of it in the healthy living section, so I wanted to know more about what coconut oil can do for me.

And apparently there’s a ton of benefits from using coconut oil, which got me pretty excited!

I read many articles and was amazed to find that coconut oil can do many things. For example: it can boost your energy levels, it helps you to not overeat, and it’s fabulous for skincare. It’s also an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and so on. So many awesome things about coconut oil! Who knew, right?!

Here are my Top 21 Fab Uses for Coconut Oil:

1. After Shave: Do you get those annoying little red bumps after shaving? Do your legs or face feel irritated after? If so, coconut oil comforts sensitive skin and helps the healing process begin.

2. Bruises: Since coconut oil promotes healing, rub it on your bruises to speed up the healing process

3. Cleanser: Rub a little coconut oil on any part of your body that has dirt and it will come right off. The other day my son and I were jumping on the trampoline in the backyard and his feet turned black. They were so dirty! I rubbed some coconut oil on a paper towel and the dirt came right off!

4. Curb Appetite: Don’t want to overeat? Eat a tablespoon of coconut oil before your meal.

5. Diaper Rash: Help those babies out when they are in pain from diaper rash! Use a dab of coconut oil to speed up healing.

6. Exercise: Coconut oil boosts energy, increases metabolism, and improves thyroid function. It also improves your stamina, endurance, and aids healthy weight loss. It’s a win/win for everything!

7. Eye Cream: Who doesn’t need a little help around the eyes? Put a small amount around your eyes to help with circles and to reduce any puffiness.

8. Facial Scrub: Created your own scrub by mixing coconut oil and oatmeal together. It is gentle enough for my sensitive skin. You could also use sugar or baking soda to mix with coconut oil.

9. Furniture Polish: I ran out of Pledge the other day and used coconut oil in it’s place. It did the trick and left my wood extremely shiny

10. Gum Removal: Do you have kids? If so, you’ll want to remember this trick! If your child puts gum in their hair (or anywhere else), use coconut oil to get it out. It’s like magic!

11. Hair Mask: Has your hair been really dry this winter? Use coconut oil as a hair mask and it will hydrate your hair, while repairing the damage from the dryness. I left the mask on my hair for 15 minutes and was wowed!

12. Lice: Coconut oil kills and removes this problem. Again, if you have kids (especially little girls), you’ll want to remember this one!

13. Lip Balm: If your lips are dry and damaged due to the weather, use coconut oil to replenish the hydration and help protect your lips.

14. Makeup Remover: Run out of eye makeup remover? No problem. Use coconut oil to take off your makeup. (You may also want to check out my BB Cream review)

15. Moisturizer: If your skin has been exceptionally dry lately, use coconut oil to help with itchiness and dryness. Its hydrating properties will soften your skin.

16. Pets: Coconut oil can be helpful to healthy pet life, including helping with having a shiny coat, joint issues, ears, and lots more. Make sure to check with your vet first so that he/she can tell you the proper amount of coconut oil to use.

17. Pimples: Have a pimple? Dab a tiny bit of coconut oil on the blemish to help it go away faster.

18. Shaving Cream: Use coconut oil when shaving instead of shaving cream. Not only will you save some money on the cream, but coconut oil will leave your legs (or wherever) smooth and without bumps.

19. Sore Throat: Since coconut oil helps with fighting off infection, put some on your tongue and let it dissolve into your throat on its own. I had the beginnings of what felt like a sore throat and I did this trick. My throat never got worse and the scratchiness I had went away fast.

20. Stretch Marks: Use coconut oil to help existing stretch marks fade or use it to prevent them.

21. Wrinkles: This is my favorite one! I don’t care who you are, wrinkles are something that we don’t want to get and when we have them we want to do whatever we can to hide them. Right? Rub coconut oil on your wrinkles. The oil will hydrate your skin and help the wrinkles not show up as much.

Of course there are a million more uses for coconut oil… did you know you can put it on your freshly popped popcorn? It’s super yummy and gives it a nice flavor! Perhaps I’ll do another post later about even more ways you can use coconut oil in your daily life.

I have tried the majority of the above uses so that I can verify that they really do work! Of course, there are some that I just thought might be helpful to you, even though I can’t try them out right now… like diaper rash and lice. Speaking of lice, I hope I never have to try that one out!

Have you used coconut for something not on this list? If so, I’d love to hear about it! Comment below.

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