This Lenten Season

Enough is enough. Picture me throwing my hands in the air and waving the white flag because this girl right here is fed up. I’ve had enough.

Let me share what got me to this place. Yesterday marked the beginning of the Lenten season and, as you know, it’s the time when most people decide to give up something for 40 days, just like the sacrifice Jesus made into the desert. It goes without saying that I often start the beginning of Lent with great intentions, but inevitably fail way before the end of the 40 days. So this time, I decided to do something different. I decided that my Lenten promise was going to be that I was not going to give up on myself.

And that’s were the enough is enough saying above comes into play.

If you’ve been a reader for some time you probably remember my post a while back about wanting to change so desperately. Well, in true Kristin form, that feeling, albeit a strong one, came and stayed without much action on my part. I guess that sums me up right now: A huge dreamer, but not an action implementer. After all, a goal without action is just a dream, right?

Well, mark my words right now that I am striving with every bone in my body to change that. Not to try to be better; but to do and be better. Because that’s what I deserve. This Lenten season is going to be the best and (probably) the most challenging time of my life. I bet the growing pains will be tough, but I know that I will be stronger on the flip side. Stay tuned.

I know that I’m worth it.

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