The Top 16 Fitness Blogs

Top 20 fitness blogsAre you looking for some fitness inspiration? Do you want to learn some new moves in the gym or while making dinner in your kitchen (squats, anyone)? Or do you just want something to read in the morning when drinking your coffee? No matter what you’re looking for, I’ve got some good reading material of my favorite, top fitness blogs for you!

I mean, let’s be honest, even the most motivated person doesn’t always want to lace up their shoes to go get sweaty and workout… Can you relate? Sometimes being in our pj’s and sitting on the couch just sounds better, but I hope reading these fitness blogs will give you the extra oomph in your step to go burn some calories… because, let’s face it, sitting on the couch isn’t going to get you to your fitness goals! You’re welcome in advance.

Here’s my Top 16 Fitness Blogs and why I like them (in no particular order):

1. Tone It Up: Karena and Katrina are just awesome! Their show, Tone It Up, makes me laugh because I feel like they are just like my best friend and myself. Their site is full of recipes, workouts, and real people’s results. It’s a complete community loaded with everything you need to achieve your fitness goals and to make you feel amazing about yourself.

2. The Fitnessista: If you’re busy, this is the blog for you! Gina posts quick workouts for the busy woman-on-the-go. She has so many workouts for everyone, whether you are pregnant, about to say “I DO”, or just looking for a kick-ass way to get toned arms. It’s all there for you!

3. POPSUGAR Fitness: Whether you’re looking for workouts, healthy living information, weight loss, celebrity fitness, or workout videos to do in the comfort of your living room, POPSUGAR Fitness has it all! There’s so many informative posts on this site that you’ll achieve your fitness goals in no time!

4. Amanda Adams: Amanda Adams is a fitness model that wasn’t always so fit and healthy. She realized how unhappy she was with her health and self-image in college and made changes to turn her life around. She talks about fitness, nutrition, and everything else to help motivate you to lead a healthier, more balanced lifestyle.

5. Fit Bottomed Girls: Four friends blog about fitness through eating healthy and working out. They do reviews, questions of the week, and give a fresh outlook on fitness.

6. Comeback Momma: Jenn hopes to inspire all moms out there to be the very best they can be! She posts fitness tips, reviews, giveaways, and funny fitness posts (love these!).

7. The Lean Green Bean: Lindsay is a blogger about all things healthy. I love her Fitness Fridays, where she post workouts that you can do to make your life a little healthier! She also has treadmill workouts for all you treadmill-lovers, along with cardio workouts, dumbbell workouts, and her all time favorite workouts! Pretty good stuff!

8. Fit Missy: Want to read tips and tricks to getting the body you want from a personal trainer? Look no further! You’ll find all sorts of good information on this blog and can even sign up (for free) to learn how to lose those last 10 pounds!

9. Daily Cup of Yoga: Have you ever stumbled across a blog that you just couldn’t stop reading? This is one of those blogs. Brian and his guests talk about everything yoga related, but also the importance of happiness, being positive, and intentions. It’s just a great blog that leaves you wanting more!

10. Girls Gone Strong: First of all, I just love the name of this blog. So empowering, right?! This blog is written from 3 different girls, all from different backgrounds. They feature workouts, advice, recipes, and motivation to help you create the beautiful and strong girl you are!

11. Blogilates: Cassey Ho is the creator of POP pilates and designer of oGorgeous Bags. Her site has so much information from workout videos to a workout calendar to meal plans to recipes to before and after pictures and on and on. It’s a really great and informative site!

12. Running Loving Living: Toni’s blog is all about her passion for running and living healthy. I love this positive and informative blog! Toni definitely keeps me motivated when I don’t feel like running and I’m sure she will too!

13. Fat Crossfitter: I’m a sucker for a funny blog and this one is great and refreshing. Don’t think you have to do crossfit in order to read this blog – I don’t, but I must admit that she makes me want to try it!

14. Fit Mama Training: Erin Brown had me when I learned how much she loves 90’s music because I do too! I’m not even kidding. This blog is amazing and a fab read about motivation, nutrition, workouts, but mostly what I love is her message of self-love. It’s just so positive and I love how she stands up to body image bashing and the scale. Read it; you’ll love it too!

15. Fitness for Mommies: Meet Steffani, mom of two young kids. This is her journey on how she stays fit while juggling being a mom and a wife. She also posts a healthy recipe every Monday, which I love. I can never have too many recipe ideas!

16. Workout Mommy: Lisa was a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, and marathon runner before having her four kids. She lived and breathed anything and everything fitness related. Her blog provides you motivation, healthy tips, and fitting in exercise to the already busy day of a mom.

I hope y’all liked reading about my favorite, top fitness blogs as much as I do! Health and fitness doesn’t have to be something that takes all day long. You wouldn’t believe the looks my husband gives me when he sees me squatting in the kitchen while making dinner or doing lunges while watching tv at night. It’s just about finding a little bit of time and making it happen!

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