The Beauty Of A Self-Tanner: My #1 Choice That I Use And Recommend

image of woman on beach wearing self tannerLadies, you know how it is. Summer brings the warmer temperatures and we all want sun-kissed skin. We want to feel pretty and wear less makeup. If you’re like me, I even feel thinner when I’m tan. Clothes just seem to look better on bronzed skin.

But how do you achieve a beautiful tan when you don’t have hours every day to spend at the pool? Not to mention that being in the sun for so long isn’t the best option for you and your skin. Hello, skin cancer!

Back in the day (high school), I was a regular at the tanning salon. Even though I wasn’t quite 18 years old then, it was really easy to forge my parent’s signature on the waiver form. I tanned all of the time. It was almost like an addiction. I loved being in that tanning booth, knowing I’d walk out a shade darker than when I came in.

I didn’t think twice about the dangers of tanning salons. After all, I was a teenager and my priority was being tan. Thinking about skin cancer and all the other bad things from a tanning salon wasn’t on my mind. I was young and very naïve thinking I was invincible to anything bad happening, whether it was skin cancer, getting sick from the bacteria and grossness of the beds, or wrinkles.

Fast-forward to after college and I smartened up. Perhaps it was because there was so much more information out there about just how bad tanning salons are and the risks involved. If I could go back in time to high school, I definitely wouldn’t have spent any time at the tanning salon. I can’t believe how often I went and how naïve I was to think nothing would happen to me.

I’ve always gone to the dermatologist annually to have my lovely moles (insert sarcasm here) checked. Some time in my early 20’s, I had to get a mole removed on my upper arm because it looked suspicious. It came back that it was borderline skin cancer (don’t remember which form), and that was enough to scare the you-know-what out of me. The poor decisions I made in high school (for my appearance nonetheless) definitely proved to me that I wasn’t invincible to bad things happening.

And did I mention the wrinkles from it? Between my neck and my boobs, I have so many wrinkles. More than a 34-year old should have and I know it’s from tanning. I’m so self-conscious of this area. No matter how much cream and wrinkle serum I apply, it doesn’t seem to help.

Since that specific dermatologist appointment, sunscreen and I are the best of friends. I’m never without it when in the sun, or even on a cloudy day. It’s as important to me as putting in my contacts so that I can see. And you know what? I still have some color even though I apply sunscreen!

Anyways, back to the point of this post…

Let’s talk self-tanner.

It’s a wonderful invention and gives us a way to look tan without the dangers. It’s brilliant. I’ve tried a lot of self-tanners in the past. I’ve liked some and I’ve hated many. One thing that I detest is the self-tanner smell… You know what I’m talking about! That burnt-skin smell that goes everywhere with you and makes no one want to be around you. It’s disgusting and is a big turn-off for me. It’s the reason I’ve hated many self-tanners, even if the tanning part was amazing. It’s a deal-breaker for sure!

While I’ve liked many self-tanners in the past, I’ve been consistently in love with one for a little over two years now. It’s perfect and everything you would want in a bottle of self-tanner. It produces a wonderful bronzed color on your skin. You can see exactly where you put it on so that you don’t miss any areas. There is no streakiness to it. No orange-ish, I-look-like-an-oompa-loompa color either. And the best part? That awful burnt skin smell is not to be found!

So what product am I raving about?

Self Tan Bronzing MousseSt. Tropez Tanning Essentials Self Tan Bronzing Mousse.

You can buy it at Sephora. Apparently they have a bronzing mousse for sensitive skin and a dark one too. Even though my skin is really sensitive, I’ve always bought the regular bronzing mousse and have never had issues. The bottle comes in three different sizes and I’d recommend buying the biggest one. Don’t be put off by the price ($42 for the large bottle). It is more expensive than a drugstore self-tanner, but it’s also so much better. And it lasts for forever – at least a whole summer. Once you apply it, the color lasts for about a week. You really get your money’s worth from this bottle.

One tip: Buy the applicator mitt. It’s very cheap ($6.50) and definitely worth it. It helps the mousse go on perfectly and cover so much of your body without your hands getting involved.

Once you apply the mousse, you just need to wait a minute or so and then you can put your clothes on. It dries really quickly, which is a plus for me. I’m not a fan of having to be naked while wondering around my house waiting for my self-tanner to dry.

Another amazing thing is that the bronzing mousse does not come off on your clothes. Last summer I was going to an all-white party and was going to wear white shorts. I applied the mousse to my legs last-minute, waited for it to dry, and put on my shorts. When I got home and took my shorts off, there was no extra color on my white shorts.

If you are looking for a really great self-tanning product, I hope you’ll try this one out! You won’t be disappointed and you will absolutely love your beautifully sun-kissed bronze skin!

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