4 Simple Ways to Find Balance in Your Life

How to find balance in your lifeHere’s a confession for you: I’ve been slacking on the “Fit” part of my blog name. It’s been more like “FabBeauty” instead of “FabFITBeauty”. When my husband asked me to think of a name for my blog, we went back and forth with different ideas. It was important to me that the name really said who I was and what I like. I like things that are fabulous, whether it’s sparkly gems or just trying to live a good life. I love beauty tips, tricks, and products. And, I love me some good exercises!

If I’m being completely honest, finding balance in my life is tough. I like to go at things 100%, but inevitably there’s always an area in my life that suffers… and [Read more…]

Dragonfly Yoga Clothing Review: Is It Really Worth It?

The new dragonfly yoga clothing line is amazing. Here I am wearing the Dragonfly shirt, jacket, pants, and holding their yoga matI’m so excited to share a new line of yoga clothing and accessories with you called Dragonfly Yoga. As you may have read previously on my blog, I was a very loyal customer to Lululemon for years and have a closet full of Lulu clothing. But then the quality went downhill in my opinion.

Who wants to spend a lot of money on yoga pants only for them to be see-through? Not this girl. Even the material on some of the newer pants didn’t seem to be as flattering as some of my pants from year’s prior.

It was a sad breakup, but I’m not into wasting money. Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for my new favorite yoga clothes, but there hasn’t been any specific brand that I’ve just fallen [Read more…]

Yoga: My journey

It seems like everyone likes yoga. I don’t know that I’ve ever met someone who has practiced yoga and not liked it. Well, except for myself initially.

Years and years ago, I walked into a yoga studio ready for my very first yoga class. I was nervous, mainly about passing gas, since I’d heard of people doing that. I wasn’t sure how flexible I would be or how long I’d be able to hold downward dog. It was hard getting through that first class. The teacher kept telling us to clear our minds and focus on our breathing. While everyone around me looked to be achieving that, I was going through my to-do list in my head and thinking where I needed to be next. I had no idea how to clear my head and focus on my breathing. Shoot, I was doing good just holding the positions and not falling over.

When that class ended, I realized that yoga was not for me. I didn’t get the whole peaceful and calm thing from it and I wasn’t sure that “stretching” (for lack of better words) was really a form of exercising. I went many years without attempting to do yoga again because I just knew that it was not for me.

Thanks Bob Harper.

bob harper yogaThen I saw a sale online for workout DVDs by Bob Harper. The DVDs were so cheap and I bought many, including Yoga for the Warrior. I thought, “What the heck, I’ll try it for $5”. I probably waited a good year before ever putting the DVD in the player, but I liked this yoga DVD from the beginning. I’m not sure if there was anything different in this video versus the yoga class I tried out, or if I was just in a different place, but what a great workout it is!

And my thinking earlier about yoga not being a workout… HA! Boy is that not true. Yoga is the most challenging of workouts and I get the most out of it. I just feel good when I’m done. I feel at peace with myself and I’m proud of myself because I can do the hard positions and I don’t fall. (You should have seen me at the beginning… I would attempt everything, but would fall over almost immediately.) It makes me realize how strong I am because I see how far I’ve come.

My list of things to do still pops in my head during the hour that I do yoga, but that’s fine with me. Maybe I’m not able to totally zone out and clear my head, but that’s probably because I have a four-year old running around most days when I do yoga. The other day I was doing the standing splits and balancing on my right foot while both hands were wrapped about my ankle and a truck zoomed past me. It doesn’t matter that Gavin has his own room with toys and a playroom full of toys upstairs. Nope, he wants to be where his momma is and that’s fine with me. Luckily I didn’t fall down and my bones are still intact.

The best part is when Gavin wants to do different poses with me. It’s fun to do it together and know that I’m teaching him about exercise and taking care of himself. And, for the record, I still don’t know anyone that doesn’t like yoga, including myself.