Week 2, Day 3 Marathon Training

image of week 2 day 3 marathon trainingWeek 2, Day 3 #MarathonTraining
(3 miles)

Listened to ➡️
HPX with Tony Robbins 🤴🏻 

Power Word ➡️
You got this

Another day of me looking drunk on the treadmill 🤪 I mean, I honestly have no idea how you treadmill runners do it 😂 Today was great though! I did 3.51 miles & despite wanting to be finished right at 3 miles, I’ll tell you why I kept going.

As you know, I am [Read more…]

Day 1 of Marathon Training

image of day 1 of marathon trainingDay 1️⃣ of MARATHON training: 3 miles ✅ 

➡️ Listened to Tony Robbins about mindset 

➡️ Power words I said: Unstoppable & Powerful

Why I’m sharing this: I have this HUGE goal of completing 26.2 miles before I turn 40 in May. I am SO slow so I could think that it’s not even worth sharing … but I know [Read more…]