Dear Lululemon, where is the love?

I currently have a love/hate relationship with Lululemon. This has been my go-to store for workout clothes for the past few years. I’ve been such a dedicated fan and haven’t bought any other brand of workout clothes. But that might be changing…

lululemonIn the past month, I’ve had to return three pairs of Lululemon crops due to sheerness. Completely see-through. As in, my husband could see that I was wearing a pink thong while in my black crops! What’s the point of even wearing pants, let alone $78 crops, when they aren’t covering up the parts they are suppose to cover?!

I’m so disappointed that the Lululemon quality is not what it use to be. I have crops from three years ago that are still in perfect condition and do all the things they should be doing. You know, making your butt look good in the pants, not piling anywhere, and holding their original shape. I have some crops that I bought about six months ago and the material is so thin. My crops from three years ago are in better condition now than the newer ones.

I think the most disappointing thing is that the employees were so unapologetic to me when I returned the crops. They acted so surprised that the crops were see-through, even going as far as saying that they haven’t heard of that happening. Are you kidding me?? My dad knows about Lululemon crops being sheer, and I promise you that he doesn’t wear the brand. It’s everywhere: In the news, online, and even the reviews on the Lululemon website, so don’t tell me that this is something new and I’m the only one this is happened to.

And please do not ask me if I should go up a size. I’ve worn a 6-8 at your store for as long as I’ve been wearing Lululemon and I do not need to go up a size. The problem is your pants, not the size that I’ve picked, especially when the pants fit just right everywhere else.

I’m just so sad that everything changed after the company went public and took their manufacturing overseas. I know there are tons of people that are in the same boat as me and it’s so disappointing. We loved the old Lululemon stuff. Please bring that back!!

Share your stories with me and let me know if there is another brand that you love just as much, or even more.