Hello Fresh Review: Is This Meal Delivery Service Really Worth It Or Not?

Image of the Hello Fresh food deliverey service with review.Hey all you busy people! Listen up! I have a way to make your life so much easier, at least three times per week, that is.  It’s called Hello Fresh deliveries and it came into my life about two weeks ago. It’s been amazing, the food, the excitement of receiving my weekly boxes, and the whole cooking experience.

Grab yourself some coffee or wine and read my review on why you need to try out Hello Fresh.

What is Hello Fresh?

From the Hello Fresh site, “Hello Fresh is more than food. Chef curated recipes based on sensational farm fresh ingredients delivered every week to your doorstep”.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

What they don’t mention is that [Read more…]

Baked Cod with Cucumber-Mint Yogurt Recipe

Baked Cod with Cucumber-Mint Yogurt TzatzikiI’m always looking for new recipes to try when it comes to eating clean. I feel like I have my staples of meals that I make on the regular, but it’s not to change it up to avoid eating the same thing over and over. I mean, there’s only so much grilled chicken a person can eat, right?! Some times the recipes I try are not worth making again, but more often than not, my family loves the new creation.

I was craving some tzatziki, but didn’t want to have to go out to our local Greek restaurant. I’ve never made my own tzatziki sauce before, so I was a bit nervous how [Read more…]

Best things to eat before working out

healty workout foodsDoes this sound typical for you? You’re all dressed in your workout gear and ready to go sweat some calories away, but first you need to eat to give your body fuel.

If you are like me, it can be confusing to know what foods you should eat before working out. Some people really like waking up in the morning and getting right to their work out on an empty stomach, while others like to focus on carbohydrates and protein. What’s the right thing to do?

You are the only one that knows your body, so you know best. If you are one of the ones that enjoy working out on an empty stomach and feel great doing so, keep it up. It’s obviously working for you. For me, it’s a different story. [Read more…]