I am a marathon runner

I am a marathon runner 🏃‍♀️ —> What I write daily as one of my 10 dreams in my Start Today Journal 📔

Today I ran 1 mile without stopping & it’s been years since I’ve done that. Y•E•A•R•S!

I kept saying to myself “You’ve got this. Stronger. Better.” Thanks Rachel & Dave ❤️

Here’s to running 25.1 more 🤣 You gotta start somewhere, right?!

& it’s also the first time in forever (probably since high school) that I’ve run in my [Read more…]

Creating New Habits

It started with Gavin asking if we could bike to school this morning. I wasn’t feeling it at all, but how could I say no to being active when I have to be the example? I could list a lot of really good reasons, hello cramps (tmi, I know), on why I didn’t want to ride a bike to school, but instead I said sure. Once I got back home, I knew that I hadn’t done my 30 min of exercise so dropped off my bike & went for a run. In this terrible heat 🔥 😂 💪🏼 Not gonna lie, Lizzo helped a ton 🤣

Doing the things that you know you should do even when the feeling isn’t there is how you create new habits. It’s how you step into the life you want to have. Because y’all, it’s not easy all of the time. Like this past wknd, I didn’t do any exercise at all, so I knew I had to get my butt moving today bc when I look in the mirror I want to be proud [Read more…]

4 Simple Ways to Find Balance in Your Life

How to find balance in your lifeHere’s a confession for you: I’ve been slacking on the “Fit” part of my blog name. It’s been more like “FabBeauty” instead of “FabFITBeauty”. When my husband asked me to think of a name for my blog, we went back and forth with different ideas. It was important to me that the name really said who I was and what I like. I like things that are fabulous, whether it’s sparkly gems or just trying to live a good life. I love beauty tips, tricks, and products. And, I love me some good exercises!

If I’m being completely honest, finding balance in my life is tough. I like to go at things 100%, but inevitably there’s always an area in my life that suffers… and [Read more…]

Feeling Blah? 8 Fabulous Ways To Instantly Boost Your Mood

image saying to have a good dayWe all have those days when we could use an instant pick me up to help improve our mood. Whether you are feeling down about something specific, or you are just in a funk for some unknown reason, it’s always good to try to brighten up your spirits. After all, no one sets out to be grumpy and in a bad mood all day long, do they? Of course not! People want to be happy!

The next time you need an instant mood boost, try out some of these things:

1. Be your biggest fan.

Brag on yourself a little bit. Notice something about yourself that you really like, whether it’s your [Read more…]

12 Tips To Dramatically Boost Your Energy Throughout The Day

12 ways to boost your energyDo you feel lethargic all throughout the day? Does your energy level drop and never seem to rise back up? Does the day just seem to drag on? Are you ready for a nap come 3pm every afternoon? If so, these tips are for you. Having energy throughout the day comes from many choices we make from the foods we eat, exercise, sleep, and other lifestyle choices.

Here are some tips on how to increase your energy so that you can get through your day feeling [Read more…]

Reformer Pilates, oh how I love you!

pilates reformer machineI remember the first time I ever saw a reformer machine. I was joining a new gym and was on a tour with the staff member when she stopped in front of a room with about five machines that I had never seen before. She told me this was the reformer pilates room and started explaining about it. I honestly don’t know what she said because I couldn’t stop looking at the machine. I’d never seen anything like it before and, quite honestly, it looked like some kind of a sex table instead of exercise equipment. I totally judged the room and didn’t give reformer pilates a second thought.

Fast-forward a couple of years and I bought a Groupon for an exercise class called “Booty Barre”. I’d never heard of booty barre before, but who wouldn’t want to have an amazing butt?! I was really excited about the class and went every time I could. Part of the Groupon also included a few private sessions on the reformer and I’m not going to lie, I wasn’t as excited to set that appointment up.

I’m not sure what it was, but I was extremely intimidated by the reformer. I am strong with cardio and even weights, but I didn’t know how I would be on the reformer… and the unknown kind of freaked me out a bit. The Groupon was about to expire, so I called to set up my first appointment.

Jumping Onto The Pilates Reformer Machine

The day came and I stepped into the Pilates studio I’d been going to for months, but this time was different and I was so nervous. I didn’t want to fail or be weak, but I tried to keep an open-mind. I got on the reformer and did some exercises and thought, “Hey, this isn’t that bad. It’s actually kind of fun!”

The hour of my private session went by so quickly and I could not wait to sign up for my next one. I loved it. I did my next private session the following day and was sore. I felt sore in muscles I didn’t know I had! It was a good sore though – like a “this is going to change my body” kind of sore and I was hooked.

Once my private sessions were over, I purchased a package and have been dedicated ever since! I absolutely love it. In the past, I’d measure an exercise by the amount of sweat that poured off (I sweat a lot!) of me and by my breathing. Reformer pilates made me realize that you can get an amazing workout without sweating all over the place.

But don’t get me wrong, just because you don’t sweat a ton does not mean it’s an easy workout. It’s not at all. It’s super challenging in ways you didn’t know were possible. Your whole body changes over time and it’s such a positive workout. If you were like me and a bit intimidated by the reformer machine, don’t let it get in your way. Sign up for a private session to learn about it and to familiarize yourself with the machine. I promise you will be so happy you did and I’m sure you will love it just as much as me!