Do You Have A Cat? Can You Relate To Any Of This?

Photo of my cat TigerCats are funny little creatures, aren’t they? They are cuddly when they want to be, but can turn on your in an instant. Everything is done on the cat’s term, which I find hilarious, but oh so true!

As I’ve previously said, I’ve never been a cat person. To quote Taylor Swift, “like never, ever, ever, ever”. I’ve always thought cats were mysterious creatures who could turn on you in a second, which kind of makes them sound like a scary animal, but you know it’s true. They march to the beat of their own tune. Case in point, my cat loves to look at [Read more…]

Introducing the cat that adopted us

We have a cat named Tiger. We never set out to adopt a cat. After all, I’ve never had a cat (only dogs), and I don’t even particularly like cats. When I was in elementary school one of my best friends had a cat named Julie. Every single time I’d go to my friend’s house, I was terrified of her cat. She was such a mean cat. She would just look at me and hiss. She would swat my hand that was hanging off the bed at night when I was sleeping. I was so scared of her. A cat. I know how lame it sounds, believe me.

Back to Tiger…

tiger catTwo years ago I noticed a cat that was always hanging around in our backyard. Of course I never touched him, but my husband said that he was a really nice cat. (No such thing in my mind.) Being the animal lover that I am, I felt really bad for the cat and I started buying cat food and feeding him. I never really thought about adopting him; I just didn’t want him to live outside and not have food.

Little by little, I started feeling more brave around him. I would even pet him on the back, never too close though. He did seem sweet, just like my husband said. After a few months passed, I really started to feel bad for this cat. I asked around if anyone wanted to adopt him, but I guess there are so many cats up for adoption and no one was interested.

Gavin and I would play in the backyard a lot and the cat would just hang out with us. He was so sweet to Gavin and never tried to claw or bite him. Finally I told Rob that I thought we should adopt him. Rob told me that there was no part of him that wanted a pet (we had just put our dog down a couple months prior), but he saw how much it meant to me so it was fine with him. I made an appointment to get him vaccinated and neutered and just checked out for the next day.

That night I went out with some of my girl friends and tried to find out all I needed to know about being a cat owner. When I got back home, I thought I would try to pick the cat up. After all, I was going to have to do that in the morning to take him to the vet. I’ve never picked up a cat in my entire life, so this was new to me. I was so nervous, but thanks to the wine I had earlier I was brave, ha, ha!

Everything went smoothly that night and the next morning. I dropped him off at the vet and everything checked out just fine. He’s a Maine Coon and these breeds are said to be more doglike than cat, which makes sense why him and I get along.

Two years later and I’m so glad he’s apart of our family. He’s the sweetest cat and so gentle with a rough four-year old. I’m glad I made the decision to adopt him because he’s added so much joy to our family. I never would have thought I’d have a cat and love him so much.