How my Younique business changed my life

image of not caring what others thinkNever once did the thought of owning my own business ever cross my mind… That was absolutely not the kind of girl I was. Owning my own business? I’m so sure…

Adulting. Not feeling adequate. Wondering if you’re living a fulfilled life or if there is more out there. So many questions…

Falling short is something that we all struggle with from time to time, so it’s really [Read more…]

Younique Products Update: Growing Quickly!

I wanted to share the Younique Products newsletter that arrived yesterday. As you’ll soon see, the business is growing very, very quickly. There are two amazing trips that you can win by simply sharing the Younique products with others, such as the 3D Fiber Lashes.  A Bermuda Incentive Cruise as well as the Greece Incentive Trip. And for some, there is a chance to win BOTH trips! How amazing would that be?!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Younique business opportunity, and how you can generate an extra part-time income from home using a very simple system that I can quickly teach you, feel free to contact me anytime! Anyway, here’s the newsletter: [Read more…]