Falling in Love with Myself, Little by Little

image of champagneAfter hitting “publish” on my post yesterday, I was proud of myself. Like genuinely proud of myself. So much so it called for a celebration! I got dressed, put on makeup, did my hair all cute and wavy, and left my room to go to a bar to have a glass of bubbly. As I was sitting at the bar, the bartender struck up small talk with me and asked if I was celebrating anything particular. I smiled and replied, “Yes! I am celebrating me“. I’m sure he probably thought I was a little cray-cray, but he did [Read more…]

How I’m Going to Make 2014 Fabulous

Be More Present.

I’m going to try really hard to be more present in 2014. I want to be okay with just having my own thoughts pass through my mind at a red light instead of checking everyone else’s status updates. I don’t want to always be multitasking; sometimes I just want to watch television without tweeting about it. When did our world get so busy that we cannot just focus on one thing at a time?

being more presentIt’s really easy this day in age to miss out on a lot due to technology. We are all so glued to our phones, tablets, and social media that it’s hard to live in the moment with the people you are with. Have you seen the party idea for phones on Pinterest? Basically when you get together with friends you all put your phone in a basket and leave it there until you leave… so you know, you can actually hang out with the people you wanted to hang out with. What an idea. What about the going out to eat one? Whoever picks up their phone first pays for the bill. I don’t know, I really like these ideas.

I have tons of pictures from concerts in the past. One day it dawned on me though, I was so busy taking pictures during the concert that I totally missed out on the concert itself. I was there, but I wasn’t present. I wasn’t watching the show at all. I was trying to capture the concert for memories, but I wasn’t really there. Now when I go to concerts, I maybe take a couple of photos and that’s it. My phone goes away and I watch the show so I can remember it.

When I’m hanging out with Gavin, I’m 90% not on my phone. I do try really hard, even though sometimes playing with monster trucks can get a little boring. When he talks, I try my very best to stop what I’m doing and look him in the eyes to see what he has to say. I want him to feel important, not that he’s second to my phone, laptop, etc. No one should feel second best, especially a child.

I once heard something good that I try to always remember: If you don’t make your kids feel important when they come to you now with the smallest of things, why would they come to you with the bigger things later on down the road? Think about it… everything to your child right now is big, even though it’s not for you. It makes sense to me and I want Gavin to always feel like he can come to me with anything.

I really think that by living in the moment and being present, I will have a fabulous and memorable 2014. I will be in charge of my life instead of watching everyone else’s go by and know what they are doing. Or eating. Or vacationing. I’m excited to be more present and have a great year!