Week 3, Day 4 of Marathon Training: 7 miles!

image of swollen handsWeek 3, Day 4 #MarathonTraining 7️⃣ miles!

💥Listened to 🎶 My Badass playlist 

💥Power Word: Don’t give in (which eventually turned into some choice cuss words to represent my frustrations) 

This pic is awesome 😳 It represents a lot happening. First, how can you not notice how massive my hand is. I don’t know what happened there but [Read more…]

Week 3, Day 2 of Marathon Training

image of marathon shoesWeek 3, Day 2 of #MarathonTraining

Listened to ➡️ Silence & The Greatest Showman soundtrack 

Power Word ➡️ Stronger. Better.

Whew. Today started out different than every other morning so I felt a bit thrown off. In the past when I’m thrown off, I tend to blow off the entire day. But today was different. I didn’t get to run until this evening & bc it was late in the day I wasn’t really feeling it. It was kind of chilly outside & I wanted [Read more…]

Week 3, Day 1 of Marathon Training

image of marathon training sceneryWeek 3, Day 1 of #MarathonTraining

Listened to ➡️ #Rise podcast, Beyoncé, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr, Robert Earl Keen, Reba, Jo Dee Messina, & a bunch of other old country 

Power Word ➡️ Strong

Y’all!!! I felt like a REAL runner today! I think it was probably my shoes; although they aren’t new, they are more cushion-y & made my feet bounce on the pavement! I did 4.31 miles, alternating [Read more…]

Week 2, Day 2 of Marathon Training in San Diego

image of week 2 day 2 marathon trainingWeek 2, Day 2 of #MarathonTraining
(3 miles)

Listened to ➡️
Rise podcast with Trent Shelton 🙌🏼

Power Word ➡️
Didn’t have one today, unless thinking repeatedly “Don’t fall off the treadmill, Kristin” counts 😂

I did my 3 miles in the gym in San Diego. I waited much [Read more…]

Day 4 of Marathon Training: 6 miles!

image of day 4 marathon trainingDay 4️⃣ of #MarathonTraining 6 miles‼️

Best Parts: We are visiting Pennsylvania and went running at Fort Washington State Park. It was so beautiful & only 48 degrees 🙌🏼

Running has ALWAYS been a thing for my dad. I grew up watching him train for marathons & cheering him on throughout each race. I’ve always been inspired by him & just how effortless he makes it look.

I guess that’s why [Read more…]

Day 3 of Marathon Training

image of day 3 marathon trainingDay 3️⃣ of #marathontraining & #last90days

➡️ Listened to The School of Greatness podcast, but couldn’t get out of my own head to focus on it so switched to music. Can’t say I felt that either 🤷🏼‍♀️ 

➡️ Power word: Greatness. I have to admit “lame” kept popping in my head so I just repeated greatness more & more.

Today isn’t about complaining. It’s about the realness & today was tough. I felt really slow & heavy on my [Read more…]

Day 1 of Marathon Training

image of day 1 of marathon trainingDay 1️⃣ of MARATHON training: 3 miles ✅ 

➡️ Listened to Tony Robbins about mindset 

➡️ Power words I said: Unstoppable & Powerful

Why I’m sharing this: I have this HUGE goal of completing 26.2 miles before I turn 40 in May. I am SO slow so I could think that it’s not even worth sharing … but I know [Read more…]