still i rise

image of still i rise tattoodear kristin,

when you looked at the “tattoo ideas” folder on your laptop, you just knew that one of the saved pictures was speaking to your soul. you knew it was the one even though you kept searching for other “small inspirational wrist tattoos”. you knew right where you wanted it so that it could provide inspiration in those moments you needed most to remember just how awesome you are.

it’s your daily reminder to always rise up & keep going after what you want, even when times get tough. it’s your reminder of all of the things you have overcome (hello, self-esteem, eating disorder, that thing that happened in college, failed relationships, & so much more). it’s your reminder that you set your beliefs for you, no one else. it’s your reminder that you are enough & always will be. it’s your reminder that you don’t need anyone’s approval; it is okay to be 100% you at all times. if someone doesn’t like you, that is okay. it’s your reminder to always keep going.

you are on such an incredible journey right now. be sure to never question your character. stand firm in your truths. know that it’s okay not to always be strong, but be sure you always keep moving forward. never let anyone dull your sparkle & always strive to be your best self. i know it’s hard to keep going when you just want to throw in the towel, but that’s where the greatness happens. life is hard at times, but rising up makes you stronger.

always live colorfully. be daring. embrace authenticity. be kind. radiate that undeniable energy you have.

this is your life to live & you need to do it right. practice grace. forgive yourself more than you feel you deserve. have patience. & be sure to love yourself through it all.

in the hard times, choose to rise.
in the confusing times, choose to rise.
in the unsettling times, choose to rise.
in the happy times, choose to rise.
in the moments that haven’t yet happened, always choose to rise.

& remember that you are one badass bitch.

your biggest fan

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