SQUIRREL: How to live in the present

image of a squirrelSQUIRREL!!

This is me just about all of the time! I like to think I’m multitasking, but, if I’m honest, it’s complete BS. I’m just busy being busy. I’m pulled in a million directions and jump from one thing to another… just like a freakin’ squirrel.

I’m not a fan of feeling like that. I love to feel productive and I love to accomplish things and check them off of my list. (Speaking of lists, I have lists about lists even so it’s probably a bit pointless to even make one.) In order to start tackling one item at a time, I have decided to try to live more in the present. To be more aware of the most important things that need to be done. As much fun as unloading the dishwasher is, insert sarcasm here, I should be more focused on my son or my business or grocery shopping. Sadly there is no dishwasher fairy so those bad boys can just wait until I’m ready for them. (Although I wish there was a fairy to do all of the cleaning…)

Anyways. See again, off track. Focus Kristin, focus.

When I think of living in the present, I think back to when I first started doing yoga. I remember my man, Bob Harper, telling me through the TV to let go of everything and focus on my breathing. Be in the present. Yeah, OK Bob, do you even know me? I don’t know how to stop the to-do list from running through my head. Or the worries about my car being dirty. Or the fact that there is cat hair on the floor because my cat sheds more than anything I’ve ever seen. I live in a constant state of “SQUIRREL” all of the damn time. And it just makes me feel like an absolute crazy person.

image of grateful quoteI do truly believe that living in that state blocks the good things that could come our way because we can’t get out of our head enough to be in the present and actually be aware. There are opportunities and little miracles that happen all around us every single day. But how do we get to that place so that we can see and appreciate them?

 Small ways to live more in the present:

1. Be grateful

When I go for a bike ride and take in all of the beauty, whether it’s the sun shining, the rainbow after the rain, or just the smell of the gardenias in this one 10 foot stretch of my neighborhood, I am grateful for all that surrounds me. I even say it in my head “Thank you for this beautiful smell”.

2. Let go of the worries

This is tough, I know. Oh believe me I know. But, worrying does not change anything. Worrying doesn’t bring you blessings because you are fixated on the problem and can’t let solutions enter. Plus, remember that we send out vibrations, positive or negative, and will attract what we send out. You don’t want to send out worry; you want good things to appear in life so you need to change what you allow in your head.

3. Don’t focus on the lack-of

This goes hand-in-hand with the above, but also encompasses comparing and selling yourself short. There will always be someone smarter, prettier, skinnier, and funnier than you. There are millions of people in this world so it’s inevitable, but there is no one like you. You were perfectly made and what you should strive for is to be the best version of yourself, not anyone else. Be in a healthy competition with yourself. Again, when you free up your head space, amazing things will come your way.

4. Let go of past hurts and regrets

Harboring those feelings keeps you in that grumpy frame of mind. You may have been hurt in the past by someone dear to you, but for your own benefit you must let it go. Read that again: For your OWN benefit, you must let it go. You can’t let someone or something live in your head without your control. You aren’t living if you do that. Let it go and move forward.

5. Smile

To quote my favorite elf, Buddy: “Smiling’s my favorite!” Just do it. Slap a smile on your face and watch how much better you feel. Plus, didn’t your mom ever tell you that it takes more muscles to frown? Wrinkles, y’all. W-R-I-N-K-L-E-S. ‘Nuff said.

In all seriousness though, when you quiet the craziness going on in your head, you will free up space so that you are more available to goodness, amazing ideas, and fantastic opportunities. And isn’t that what life is all about?!


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