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Husband Rob

Hello! First, I admit it is a bit odd to have my own page on a women’s topic blog. But I’m here to support Kristin anyway that I can so I figured, why not!?

No matter what Kristin says, I’m just the guy in the background doing the technical grunt work in between playing with our son, working, and all the other day-to-day activities. My main role here is just making sure everything is running smoothly behind-the-scenes and that the technology is behaving the way it’s supposed to. However, I will be taking my role one step further to help you. I’ll that share with you in a moment…

But first, it goes without saying that I’m Kristin’s #1 fan and I’m so very proud of her for taking the leap and starting her own Younique business. I’m excited that we’re able to somewhat work a business together from home. After all, Kristin is a stay-at-home mom and I’ve worked from home since 2003. It was about time we teamed up on a business together!  Well, sort of…

Disclaimer: Now don’t get any crazy ideas… Please do not expect any videos of me trying on any of the Younique makeup, 3D fiber lashes, or any of their other products. Trust me, that’s not anything any of us would want to see. (Especially me.) Personally I do not sell nor wear makeup. I prefer a more natural look I guess you could say.

As far as my background, I’ve been involved in direct sales since 1999. I was fortunate to reach the top of the compensation plan in a couple of companies, and this profession has provided us with a great life and lifestyle. So I can tell you first-hand that if you are willing to stay focused and do the work, you can truly improve your life (and lifestyle) in nearly every single way imaginable. The sky is truly the limit in this incredible profession. And I can tell you first-hand that Younique is truly a stand-up company that I’ve been impressed by time and time again.

In addition to my direct sales background, I have over a decade of Internet marketing experience. I still work in the direct sales industry via multiple clients, often consult direct selling companies regarding launches, love start-ups and launching new products/companies, I’m a best-selling author, copywriter, and have worn many other hats over the years.

The reason why I’m sharing this with you is because I’m just so excited to have my own page on my wife’s blog. Heck, since I have my very own page, maybe I’ll use this page to talk about guys things. You know, things like beer, sweat, football, business, and trucks.

Kidding. But seriously, I’m here to help Kristin build her Younique business. And that inevitably means that I’ll be helping many of you at the same time. That’s what I love about direct sales. We’re all helping each other achieve our goals.

Private Team Training For Unique Presenters

Over the next couple of months (in between my work schedule) I’ll be putting together special training on how to build a successful business with Younique. This training will be exclusive and only available to those on Kristin’s team. The training will include live webinars, conference calls, reports, and a few other surprises. Be sure to subscribe to Kristin’s newsletter and she’ll let you know when it’s live.

So until then, work hard and get ready for a fun and rewarding ride with your Younique business!

– Rob

P.S… As mentioned above, one of my favorite topics is personal development. That is really the heart of the direct sales profession. And while I have you here, I HIGHLY suggest picking up a few books that will help you on your journey…

1. John Mann – “The Go-Giver” – John and his wonderful wife are great, great friends of ours. We love them like family. John is a true legend in this profession and hands-down the best writer I know. He’s also a NY Times Best-selling author, a network marketing/direct sales expert, and such a fun guy to be around.

2. Jim Rohn – “Building Your Network Marketing Business” – Any audios and books from Jim Rohn are life and thought-changing. I highly recommend listening to this audio program and checking out some of Jim’s books/courses/etc. You’ll not only improve your business but also every other area in your life.

3. Eric Worre – “Go Pro” – A great book for anyone starting their direct sales journey today all the way to seasoned veterans. This book has been the #1 direct sales/network marketing book for many months now. This book is more about the mindset on how to approach your business for ultimate long-term success.