Pimples Be Gone! Thanks Younique Liquid Foundation

image of younique liquid foundation covering up pimpleBe careful what you wish for, right? I’ve always been obsessed with Younique’s liquid foundation and the flawless look I get after applying it. There has been a time or two when I have even “wished” that I had a pimple on my face to have the chance to cover it up with our liquid foundation. Well, I’ll be damned if my wish didn’t come true and I don’t have some unsightly bumps on my chin. (Note to self: Don’t ever wish for something like this to happen. Ha!)image of how to cover up pimples

But, I shall turn lemons into lemonade (and add some vodka, perhaps) and put our liquid foundation to the test now that I have a face to test. (Yay me.)  After doing my normal before-I-put-on-makeup face (cleanser, rosewater, moisturizer, primer), I put nine small dots of liquid foundation on my face and rubbed them in. My bumps disappeared and blended right in with the rest of my face. It was literally that easy and took just a few seconds to do!

Younique’s liquid foundation is great for confidence

I’ll tell you what though… talk about getting my confidence back. I’m not a vain person whatsoever, but when I’m not used to having a breakout, the confidence level does decrease.

Just to give you a little backstory…

One of my best friends and I would always joke in high school that we never even had to wash our faces because our skin was always clear. Before you start rolling the biggest eye roll ever, hear me out. In my entire 37-years of being alive, I’ve maybe had five pimples in my whole life. If nothing else, that should help to put this situation and my attitude into perspective. So when I say that my confidence dipped down, I’m not trying to sound all dramatic (even though I know it does). I still don’t wear makeup daily to cover it up. I still run my errands and see people out. But, for real though, shouldn’t pimples be gone, for the most part anyways, in adult life?!

Needless to say, putting on the liquid foundation and covering up was a good feeling. This girl likes to have options 🙂

image of using younique liquid foundation to cover up pimplesThe covering up process is so simple, which is good for a girl like me who doesn’t like to spend a ton of time getting ready. Plus, it’s like covering up a pimple for dummies. You put on liquid foundation. You rub it in. You look in the mirror and smile because the bumps have faded. The end. Here is a video of how easy it is to put on our liquid foundation.

Have you tried Younique’s liquid foundation yet? I’d love to hear your feedback on it. I haven’t heard anything bad; it truly is like liquid gold! If you haven’t tried it yet, I’d love to color match you and have you give it a go. You can purchase it here. You’ll be obsessed like the rest of us in no time at all!

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  1. My daughter sells this makeup, I never got to try it yet. It’s so high and am on a fixed income. I would so excited to able to try it. I just can’t get the 32 dollars to purchase it. Am very sad about it. Melissa.

    • Hey Melissa! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog 🙂 That’s awesome that your daughter sells Younique, too! I’m sure she can help you out with trying some liquid foundation, or maybe you can have a party for her and earn some free makeup for yourself!

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