My Review of Lush: Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. Yes. I’m In Love.

Image of the Lush Natural Products I boughtPlease tell me you’ve heard of Lush before! In case you haven’t, this blog post and Lush product reviews is for you. I first heard of Lush last November when I was talking to a friend about Christmas gift ideas for my husband. It’s hard to really be creative for Christmas and birthday gift ideas (as I’m sure you know), so I was asking around to see what my friends were planning to get their husbands. This is when Lush entered my life.

My friend made it sound amazing and I couldn’t wait to check it out. I went to Lush the next day and fell in love the second I walked in the door. There was a nice and natural smell right away. It wasn’t overpowering like when you walk in the fragrance department at a store. It was a lovely smell that made me wish I could buy everything in the store!

The ladies that were working that day were so friendly and helpful. Since I had never been into Lush before, they explained what the belief is behind Lush, the ingredients that are used in Lush products, and how they are doing their part to stop animal testing. Since I’m huge into animals, I was really excited to hear this last part. Lush products are handmade, fresh (natural ingredients and safe synthetics), green, organic, tested on humans (not animals), and made with the finest essential oils. Believe me, you want to try these products!

I bought a bunch of products that day for my husband and myself and have been a loyal customer since. I’ve wanting to share my Lush review with my readers for so long, so here’s my latest Lush haul from yesterday.

Bottle of the dirty springwash by lush products1. Dirty Springwash

This is my husband’s favorite product. I love it too because it smells so good!

It is made with spearmint and menthol crystals, which cool off your body and leave you feeling invigorated. Buy it for your husband and use it yourself.

The Comforter Bubble Bar2. The Comforter Bubble Bar

Besides this just being so pretty and smelling lovely, it leaves my skin feeling so soft and silky. I crumble a few pieces of the bar in the bath under the warm water and my bath transforms into a bubble bath. The only caution I would “warn” you of is to be careful of your children using your bar. My son wants to use it all of the time, so I never get a chance. Ha! My solution is to buy him his own. Just so you know, you can get a few baths out of one bar.

Picture of the Blackberry Bath Bomb by Lush3. Blackberry Bath Bombs

These bath bombs are the best thing ever. My baths are a million times better now that I have bath bombs in there. You just drop the bath bomb in the water and it fizzles away, releasing essentials oils onto your skin. It’s fun and wonderful all at the same time! And another word of caution: Your children will likes these even more than the bubble bars, so buy them their own.

Picture of the Aromaco Deodorant by Lush4. Aromaco Deodorant

This is a great alternative to using deodorant with aluminum in it. It has witch hazel, patchouli oil, and chamomile vinegar in it and smells great. You can pick how much of it you want, as it’s cut from a block, almost like cheese. Also, if you don’t love it, you can bring it back. The workers at Lush told me that they really want people to love their products. Check it out here.

pict of the sugar scrub by Lush Cosmetics5. Sugar Scrub

This scrub is made from ginger, fennel, and sugar. Its purpose is to scrub over cellulite and other unfriendly bumps on your skin. This is the first time I’ve bought this, and I’m really excited to use it. You can break a piece off or use the whole scrub at once. I’m all about exfoliating any cellulite and improving circulation to that area. Who wouldn’t be, right? Sadly, the Lush store doesn’t have any Sugar Scrub at the moment. You’ll need to check back there. But take a look at all the other amazing products they have!

Lush Dirty Tooth Tabs6. Dirty Toothy Tabs

I’ll admit that I bought these toothy tabs for my son with the hopes of adding fun to the boring task of brushing his teeth. It’s hard to get him to brush his teeth and I imagine that’s true for a lot of 5 year olds. While breaking the tablets between his teeth and then brushing with it was a bit more challenging than I expected, I’ve really taken to these tabs. I like that there’s essential oils in the toothy tabs that help to fight bacteria and the spearmint smell from Dirty is perfect. You can get your Dirty Toothy tabs here.

image of the Hand and Body Lotion by Lush cosmetics7. Charity Pot: Hand and Body Lotion

This is more than just lotion. It’s how Lush funds various environmental, human rights and animal protection charities. For a donation of $5.95, this lotion is yours. (Note, that was in the store, but it looks like it sells for much higher on Amazon for some reason.)

My donation went to Amarok Society, which teaches extremely poor, uneducated mothers to become neighborhood teachers for children in Bangladesh. I mean, how can you say no to that? The best part of the lotion is that when you put it on it smells like chocolate. As you wear it, the scent changes to a floral one. It’s pretty amazing and I like knowing that 100% of my money went to support a good charity.

So, that’s my Lush haul and reviews on the products I love! I hope that you will check it out and start supporting what they are trying to do. It’s amazing and I’m so happy that my friend introduced me to it months ago. My family and I are loyal customers and so happy to support such a great company. Keep up the good work, Lush!

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