My Microblading Touch Up Appointment & What I Wish I’d Done

image of microblading touch up numbingAfter your initial microblading appointment, once your brows have healed, you will need to return to the salon to have your microblading touch up appointment. This is typically 4-6 weeks after your first microblading session. A touch up appointment is needed for a variety of reasons. It is unknown how your skin will take the pigment, there will be fading, and there could be some unevenness that needs to be corrected. The microblading touch up appointment is done the same way as the first appointment and takes about the same amount of time.

Your microblading artist will look at how well your brows took the pigment, notice where more pigment needs to be, and will draw the shape once again in the areas where it didn’t take as well. This touch up appointment is very standard and where the newly micro bladed brows are perfected. Notice the “after touch up” pictures floating around and you will see exactly what I’m talking about. The wow factor definitely comes after the touch up!

My Microblading Touch Up Appointment

My microblading touch up appointment was today & I was all kinds of excited! I don’t feel like my brows really took to the pigment the first time, so this appointment was key for me. I went in to the salon & it went down just like the first time I had it done.

While I waited for the numbing cream to do its thing, I asked a few things:

Why don’t my brows look that much different?
Did I do something wrong by following the wet healing method?
How will today’s appointment be different?
Should I follow the dry healing method this time around?

I was told that my brows had healed nicely & that everyone’s skin takes the pigment differently, hence the importance of the touch up appointment. She said that the wet healing process is what they recommend and that I should do the same thing for the healing process this time. She told me that today’s appointment would go a bit deeper with the tiny incisions to provide more staying power.

I’ll tell you what, she wasn’t kidding about going deeper because it hurt so bad this time around. If you read my post about the pain level the first time around, you’ll remember that I said it was a breeze until the last few minutes. Well. Not the case this time … I’m guessing that it’s because she went deeper into my skin since I’m sure the numbing cream was the same that was used previously, although I didn’t ask that. The entire 45 minutes procedure had me reminding myself to breathe, clinching my hands together, and making sure my tongue was in between my bottom & top teeth so that I didn’t end up grinding them together. It was kind of brutal, y’all. Not gonna lie.

Wish I Would Have Shared My Thoughts

This time someone different did the microblading. After reading up on her online, apparently she’s the best at this particular salon (although I’ll be the judge of that in about 4-6 weeks). Once she took off the numbing cream she brushed my brows & before I knew it, I felt something hot on my brows, followed by a rip. I’m thinking to myself, “No way she just waxed my brow because that’s a big no-no before (& after) microblading“. Sure enough, that’s exactly what she did. I stopped her before she could do the other brow because little did she know I don’t do waxing because I always have a reaction to it. Who doesn’t even take the time to ask the client about waxing?! She ended up threading my other brow, which I learned after is also a big no-no.  Insert eye roll & concern here right about now. 

image of microblading shape

Look how red I am from having my brows waxed!

Next up, drawing the shape. She measured from my nose to where my brows should start, where the arch should be, and where they should end and then went to town with the crayon-looking writing thing. After that I was told to go to the table for the microblading to start. She did not give me a mirror to look at my brows (thank God for my phone camera) and she didn’t ask me any questions. I told her that my left brow didn’t seem to take the pigment at all and needed a lot more help than the other one.

I probably should have shared my worries with her, but being the best artist there, I just kind of shrugged it off and chalked it up to her being a pro and doing this a million times a day.

Like I said above, it was painful. The whole 45 minutes was bad and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. I looked in the mirror after (my own doing, not because one was offered to me) and one was really red & a little swollen (thank you, hot wax) and the other was just semi-red. Hindsight is 20/20 and wouldn’t you know that I didn’t even think to compare the shapes of my brows because of the swelling and redness. I paid my $75 touch up fee and left the salon.

Microblading Aftercare: What To Do?

When I got home I looked up the wet healing microblading aftercare and the dry healing microblading aftercare because, again, even though the aftercare instructions that I was given told me not to get my brows wet for 7-10 days, I was verbally told something different. “Don’t get them wet for 24-hours. After that, you can get them wet, use your (clean) fingers in a circular motion on the brow, and apply coconut oil twice per day. No eye makeup for 7 days.”

I hope that if you decide to get your eyebrows microbladed that you are given clear instructions for the aftercare process. Being on the other side of it & having to google because you aren’t sure what to do really stinks. After googling, I did learn that, much like a tattoo on your skin, water can’t erase the work done (a little water, not swimming or submerging yourself). Also, like a tattoo, you need to clean it and put on lotion/coconut/whatever is recommended to help the healing process. And finally, like a tattoo, you do not want to pick at the scabs/flakes that appear. You want them to fall off naturally (so not sure about the whole rubbing the brows in a circular motion recommendation).

The makings of a microblading horror story? I hope not.

image of microblading touch up appt

Right after my microblading appointment

So, wish me luck in my aftercare since I’m going off of the Internet and what worked for others. I am not going to take a shower (did that last time) for 7 days (will only take baths). Dry shampoo will be my best friend for the next 7 days (thankfully I washed my hair the morning of my appointment). I don’t feel the need to  jeopardize the healing process by rubbing my brows in a circular motion, but do pray that the flakes fall off fast because that period is rough. I will wash my hands, dab a bit of water on them, pat dry, and put a thin layer of coconut oil on top twice per day. The water is to prevent the coconut oil buildup so that my brows can still breathe in order to heal.

After looking in the mirror a few times, it appears that my left brow is shaped completely differently than my right brow. Not only is the shape different (zoom in at the arch), but the left brow is longer than the right one. I’m going to go with the fact that my left brow was waxed and hopefully that’s the reason why. I can’t even imagine walking away from this with two differently shaped eyebrows on one face.

It feels like my eyebrow journey thus far has all the makings of a microblading horror story, but I am hopeful that won’t be the case. I’m hopeful that my brows will be shaped nicely, evenly, and that once the healing process is finished, I will have the brows that I’ve always wanted. Fingers crossed!


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