Living My Best Life: Day 5 Adjusting & Too Much Urine

image of believing in yourselfI don’t want to toot my own horn, but TOOT TOOT!! Y’all. I’m five days in and feeling amazing! I feel excited and energized. I feel optimistic and stronger. I feel so dang proud of myself! I love that I can tell you that it has not been hard, at least not yet. I’m sure that’s strongly due to the fact that I’m motivated, but more so than that, I am disciplined.

That’s right. DISCIPLINED. I AM disciplined.

You know when you have your first baby and you stick to that nap schedule no matter what? No, I will not go to lunch. No, I will not run that errand that I’ve needed to do for 4 days now. Nothing will disrupt the naps during the day because that time is so precious to you? That’s kind of where I’m at right now. I don’t want to derail myself, so I’m sticking to my routine for the first time in my life

And that brings me to what happened this morning because my schedule was thrown off a bit and I feel like the old me would have just given up on the walk because of the time, but this girl did not. I put on my tennis shoes – by the way, do you tie and untie your tennis shoes each time you wear them? I do not. Anyways… So I put those bad boys on, I scheduled a call with one of my friends, got my headphones on, closed the garage, dialed the phone number, and then walked down the driveway only for it to start pouring on me. Hmm.

My old way of thinking would have been, hands down, to give up on that walk and, by default, myself. But I don’t do that anymore, so I made some adjustments. I had my conversation inside and then went for my walk about an hour behind schedule. No biggie – I adapted and my day has continued to be great. I wanted to share that though because I’m really proud of myself and I don’t think that people admit too often when they are proud of something so small. So there, I said it, I am proud of myself for not getting discouraged, for staying in line with my routine and goal, and for believing that I’m worth those 30 minutes to move.

Keto Testing Strips & What They Do

image of keto testing stripsI bought some Keto testing strips a couple of days ago and used it first thing this morning. It brought me back to the days of the pregnancy test sticks and boy oh boy was I terrible at peeing on those things. I remember waking up and having to go to the bathroom so bad, only to have to hold it just a bit longer while I unwrapped the pregnancy test and secured my hand between my largely (& not at all normal) set apart legs. More often than not, I came out of that situation needing to wash my hands for more reasons than just that being what you do when you’re done in the bathroom. I would pee on my hand at the doctor’s office too. Man, those weekly appointments towards the end of pregnancy were the worst. Talk about uncomfortable already because of my belly, but now I had the added “joy” of coming out with urine all over my hand. Fun times.

That’s enough (& probably way too much) talk about urine, so let’s move on.

What are keto testing strips & do you have to use them on the Keto Diet?

Keto Testing Strips are these little strips that you use when you go to the bathroom. One side of the strip has an absorbent square for you to pee on and that reacts with the ketones (chemicals made in your liver when you don’t have enough insulin to turn sugar into energy) and lets you know that your body is in ketosis. They are not a necessary part of the Keto diet, but added fun (in a weird sort of way, I guess).

After I did my thing with the testing strip in the bathroom, I was super excited to see that I apparently have lots of ketones in my urine, which means my body is in Ketosis. Sounds a bit lame perhaps, but that was the highlight of my morning right there. My body is doing what it’s supposed to be doing and I’m disciplined on showing up every day.

I’m ready for you, Day 6!



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