Just Wear the Shoes

You see a pair of shoes & I see those same shoes as a sign of confidence and showing up. Up until recently I was really happy to hide in the shadows of everyone and blend in. Any other year when I had to be around a lot of other women, I would have picked safer shoes. Ones that wouldn’t make me stand out.

But this past Friday was different.

I made a bold choice to wear these shoes as a representation of love for myself. As a sign that I am going to show up for myself and that I’m ready to be seen and heard.

The best part was that I felt amazing & really proud of myself the entire time. Every single time I looked down, I was reminded that I can do ALL the things I want.

And the same goes for you! Whether it’s a bold pair of shoes, going live to share your story, or just doing that one thing that makes you a little uncomfortable, go for it because, like Dorothy, you have had the power all along 2764.png

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