Intentional Alarms Throughout the Day

image of intentional alarmsI learned this amazing life hack from the king of intention, Brendon Burchard. I am fascinated with how intentional he is with everything that he does and couldn’t wait to adopt some of his teachings to better my own life.

I have alarms set so that I can be extra intentional throughout the day. When the alarms go off, it’s a reminder for me to embody all three words in that moment and to fully focus while being present. 

Here’s why ➡️

If you are just reacting to your life & what happens, you are never going to get above it and be the kind of person that manages those stressful situations in the way that you want because you’re just reactive in those environments. 

Think about your day, when you get stressed, when you have to be around someone who triggers you, & when you could use a reminder. Come up with your own words, set your alarm at the right times for you, & this will help you to go into the situation more clear headed & capable of having a more positive response. 

I’d love to hear what words YOU choose to be intentional about!

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