How to Get to Green Status in Younique

Younique Green CharmGreen Status in Younique is a big deal! It’s the first elite leadership position in the Younique business and it is the status where you also earn more royalties from your team and commissions from products that you sell to customers. When a presenter gets paid-as green status twice, you are invited to a leadership retreat in Utah with the founders of Younique.

To qualify for Green status, a presenter needs to have: $500 PRS, $10,000 in Company Wholesale Sales, 3 Qualified First-Level Presenters ($125 PRS is a qualified presenter), and $2,000 in Circle Wholesale Sales.

How Does a Younique Presenter Get to Green Status?

Presenters must work their business daily. They must have parties going on and book future parties. Parties are what helps you branch out of your warm market. Parties broaden your audience for sales and for potential team members. Parties are amazing ways to meet new people and build a relationship with them.

Another thing to remember is that you must work your business like a business. If you want Green status in Younique, you cannot work your business like a hobby. You have to put time into your Younique business and think of ways to keep building it.

Every day you should be thinking about:

  • Who you will contact today,
  • Who you will ask to host a Facebook party,
  • What you will post on social media,
  • Who do you know that has amazing customer service skills that you should contact about joining your business,
  • Who do you know that loves lip stains,
  • Who you will ask to host a home party

3 Main Parts of Getting To Green: Sell, Sponsor, Teach & Repeat


New presenters should always use the products in the Younique Presenter Kit. If you can afford to purchase more products to try, it’s definitely a good thing to do. The more products you know about, the better you can share them with others. You can’t sell what you haven’t tried before. Customers like to ask questions and it could be a big turn off if you don’t know the answer to their question because you haven’t used the product before.

Next is to share excitement about the products. No one likes to be sold to or looked at as a number. When you post selfies on social media, you are sharing the products that you like. You might add a little “Great lash day today!” to share something that you like about the 3D mascara. This is a much more efficient way to share Younique’s products than to say something like, “Buy mascara now on this link”. It’s just yucky.

Finally, the beauty of Younique is that it can be done however you want. There’s no big secret here. The people that are successful have just incorporated Younique into their everyday life. Think of all the people you interact with daily while just doing your normal everyday errands like dropping the kids off at school, mailing a letter at the post office, talking to the server while out to dinner, grocery shopping, talking to moms after school, etc. There are people all over! Learn to bring it up and share with people and you will definitely see a boom in your business.


Sponsoring people seems to be one of the more challenging things for some presenters. A good place to start is talking to past party hosts and customers because they make the best presenters. They have already tried the products and love them.

You always want to lead with the opportunity and offer it to everyone using their own circumstance. If you know that someone could use some extra money every month, talk about that and how you could help. If you know that someone would like to get their Younique makeup cheaper, tell them about how they can get it at a discounted price when they are a presenter. If your friend has expressed her hatred for working in a cubicle all day long, talk about the freedom that Younique can provide. Listen to the people around you and cater the conversation to them. It’s also extremely important to never prejudge anyone. Talk to everyone; some people might surprise you!

Another way to grow your Younique team is to create your list of 100 people that you know that pop into your mind. Go down the list and message these people individually, meet up for coffee, and just catch up with what’s going on in both of your lives. Inevitably your Younique business will come up and you’ll be able to talk a bit about it and gage if there’s interest from your friend. Perhaps that person has a lot going on in her life right now and the timing isn’t there, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t know someone that would be a great fit, so make sure to always ask for referrals!


The great thing about Direct Sales is that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. See what other leaders are doing and do something similar. Read books. Watch webinars. It’s very important to be a true leader and a hard worker so your team sees this. You want to teach your team to sponsor and sell, just like you are doing.

When someone new joins your team, ask about their goals and what they hope to get out of their business. If a presenter only joined Younique to make an extra $100 per month, don’t push that presenter outside of that. If a presenter joined to replace her full-time income from her job, this is where your focus should be. You train everyone that joins your team, but focus your time on those that want to work their business. These are the people that really want to see success.

A leader watches what her team does. If a presenter says that she wants to get to Green status, but she isn’t working her business and decides to take a month off, her actions aren’t in line with getting to Green. Talk to this presenter to see if something has changed since your initial conversation with her.

When talking to a new presenter in the beginning, see what it will take for her to reach her goals, whether it’s to get to Green or to make an extra $2,000 per month. Come up with a game plan for that presenter so that she knows rough numbers and can see what it will take on a daily, weekly, and monthly level. This is a great way for her to constantly think about what she wants and to see if her actions are in line with her goal.

Again, every day presenters need to work their businesses. No one can achieve Elite status without putting in the hard work. It’s not an overnight thing at all. It’s a work daily to get where you want to be kind of thing. There’s no shortcut to hitting Green status with Younique. When you focus on selling the products, sharing the products, sponsoring new team members, and training them to do the same, you will see that your business will start to explode. Anything and everything is possible when you work hard and stay focused every step of the way!

Any questions, please contact me or comment below!


  1. amazing reading kristin……would love to lean on you and learn more knowledge and understanding for your drive

  2. Love your blog! Would love to know what worked best to help you reach Black status in under a year. Any tips you’d be willing to share?

  3. I need to talk to a Black Presenter because everyone in my upline that I know of has not reached Green yet. My short term goal is Green but I know I can hit Orange, Purple or Black.
    I do not think the way to get Black is just to exhaust my list of friends and family and “Get Lucky” by selling mascara and trying to slowly ask people to host from there. I just think there is more to this business than that, but the people above me are as high as Green so they have not reached my Goal.
    I just need to go through a Business Plan with someone who has actually reached a higher than Green status to find out.
    Should I host my own party and go for the Fast Track goal? I think not. I think try to get presenters under me as fast as possible and motivate them to sell along with me.

  4. Hello I have recently joined Younique and I have posted on FB daily trying to advertise the business! Now I found a girl looking for a second income, so I immediately told her about Younique and she is interested in this, so with me being only 5 days new how will this work when she joins, sponsored? Since I am still white status?
    Thanks Tracy

    • How exciting, Tracy! When your new team member joins, you’ll want to train her and help her get her launch party started. When you joined, your sponsored should have given you some training material and you will want to share that with your new team member to ensure that she starts out strong. Congrats!

  5. When you reach green status how many months do you have to maintain it to receive the charm and bracelet? Also if you are unable to make that many sales the next month then you reset back to yellow?

    • You receive the green elite charm after the 15th of the following month. The bracelets are now handed out at the events instead of being sent to you.

      Every presenter reverts back to Yellow on the 1st of the month. Let’s say that you and your team qualify for blue the following month after hitting green. You would be recognized as a Green presenter, but would be paid as a blue presenter for that current month.

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