How To Get Rid Of Unwanted Facial Hair: Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Review

Picture of me with the tinkle razor for eyebrows.Listen up, ladies! I have found something that will blow your socks off and make your life just a little bit easier. So, who has some extra chin hair, nose hair, upper lip hair, or eyebrow excess?

As if we don’t have enough places on our bodies that require hair removal, we now have to talk about hair on our faces and how to get rid of it. Ha! It’s a topic that no woman likes to talk about, am I right?

I have found the best tool for getting rid of unwanted hair on your face. Enter the Tinkle Razor – and my short product review. I know, I know, the name is the worst, isn’t it? It makes me giggle every time I see it.

I first heard about the Tinkle razor 8 months ago and have been a very loyal user of it since. I was reading a blog post questioning whether or not women should shave their face or just wax (or thread) the unwanted hair. Of course this piqued my interest because I remember shaving my arms in 4nd grade and surprising my mom with my newly hair-free arms after getting out of the bath. My mom completely freaked out and told me that my arm hair would now grow back darker AND thicker. I was mortified and so scared. (It didn’t grow back thicker and darker, by the way. Whew, glad I dodged that!)

Anyways, could it be that us ladies could shave our faces without the worry of it growing back thicker and darker? According to this blog post, apparently so. Naturally, I placed my order on Amazon that very day and couldn’t wait for my Prime delivery to arrive in 2 days. To say I was excited about putting the Tinkle to the test was quite the understatement.

You see, I have the most sensitive skin ever and cannot get waxed. I mean, I could, but only if I want to break out in a rash, complete with lots of redness that can’t be contained for at least 4 days. Waxing and my skin just don’t go together. Oh, and I have some upper lip hair that I despise and without waxing, I don’t have tons of other options. Threading is better, but it still is SO sensitive and leaves me really red and rashy.

Does The Tinkle Eyebrow Razor Really Work To Remove Hair?

Image of tinkle hair removal razor box.Once the Tinkle arrived, I took off my makeup and went to work. I was a bit nervous that I would have razor marks on my face, you know, like when guys shave too close and it starts to bleed? The Tinkle razor is not as sharp as a regular razor and I quickly learned that unless I jabbed the razor into my face, there wouldn’t be any bleeding. There is also a skin-protection stainless steel safety cover that protects women’s delicate skin.

It was amazing how easy hair came off. I used it in between my eyebrows, on my upper lip, and even below my bottom lip. It was like a game of “get as many stray hairs off that you can”. I use it about once a week just to clear up any hairs that I don’t want to be on my face.

It’s quick, easy, and I’ve never had a bad experience from it. Oh, and that myth about hair growing back darker and thicker? Not true for my face either. It’s the same texture and color that it’s always been.


1. Remove clear safety cap from the razor. (Duh.)
2. Glide the razor downward at about a 45 degree angle.

3. Press lightly.

4. Put safety cap back on when finished so that your kids don’t play with razors. (Again. Duh.)

I have all positive things to say about this razor. Even my husband uses it to clean up random hairs on his face. It’s small and super easy, even if you’re a beginner. The only thing I would say is that the razor lasts for about one month only. After that, there’s a metal smell on the razor and that’s when I know it’s time to throw it out and pull out a new one. Good thing they are so cheap! You can get a pack of 3 for about $4 on Amazon.

So what’s my final review? The Tinkle Eyebrow Razor is a game-changer for us ladies. It’s easy-to-use and helps to keep our face hair-free on the places where we don’t want hair. You can purchase your Tinkle Eyebrow Razor via the link to try out. I’d love to hear how you love your Tinkle razor. Bye-bye unwanted facial hair!

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  1. Hi Kristin!

    I tried to contact you via your contact page, however it was giving me an error, so I’m trying here.

    I happened upon your website looking for Younique business reviews and wanted to ask you about your website. I’m a Jamberry Consultant and I’ve been wanting to put my own website/blog together and I love love love your design and “feel” of your website! May I ask who your website is through – who is it hosted through and who does your design? I love how it’s set up. I don’t want to steal anything from you…lol.,.,,but if you could give me your tips and tricks on how you started your website I would be forever grateful. 🙂 In exchange for your time and effort, I would love to send you a sample sheet of our Jamberry wraps.

    Thanks a bunch and I look forward to chatting with you further if you’re interested 🙂


  2. Hey, I wanted to see if there’s a way to meet for me to buy the product so I don’t have to worry about it not shipping before Christmas. I’m around the Sugarland area.

  3. Hi , enjoyed reading about the twinkle I am about to become a presenter for younique here in the uk, and wondered if you could give me any advice . Thankyou

  4. hi I’m just wanting to know the length of time you’ve been using the product for i just want to know if this is a long term thing a forever after and if there is anyone out there that has used for a while and says my hairs grown back more even if not darker and thicker does it come back more of and how long has people actually used either way I’m very interested but also very interested in known peoples personal results if capable thank you thank you very much xo

    • Hey Arena! I’ve been using the Tinkle for over 1 year now and still don’t have any issues or complaints 🙂 Everything is good in my hairless world, lol. My hair has not grown back thicker or darker at all – It’s exactly the same. It’s like shaving your legs – You do it regularly. Hope that helps!

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