Hello Fresh Review: Is This Meal Delivery Service Really Worth It Or Not?

Image of the Hello Fresh food deliverey service with review.Hey all you busy people! Listen up! I have a way to make your life so much easier, at least three times per week, that is.  It’s called Hello Fresh deliveries and it came into my life about two weeks ago. It’s been amazing, the food, the excitement of receiving my weekly boxes, and the whole cooking experience.

Grab yourself some coffee or wine and read my review on why you need to try out Hello Fresh.

What is Hello Fresh?

From the Hello Fresh site, “Hello Fresh is more than food. Chef curated recipes based on sensational farm fresh ingredients delivered every week to your doorstep”.

Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it?

What they don’t mention is that every single ingredient that you need for the recipe is in the box, whether it’s a cute little package of Daisy Sour Cream or Parmesan cheese.

The only extra ingredients that I’ve needed to use is olive oil and butter.  (And who doesn’t have olive oil and butter as staples at home?) Everything is portioned out for you in the boxes and there’s no guesswork as far as the ingredients. It would only be easier if it arrived at my doorstep cooked and ready to eat.  A girl can wish, right?

Image of the Hello Fresh Chicken Tacos that were amazingHow does Hello Fresh work?

After logging into your account, you will choose your weekly meals. I get three meals delivered weekly and I have six recipes to choose from online each week.  The pre-measured ingredients make it easy so that there’s no wasting of food.  My delivery arrives every Tuesday and works perfectly for my family’s schedule.

Is there a variety in boxes that you can choose from?

Yes! You can choose from three boxes to see which one best suits you: Classic, Veggie, and Family.

The Classic box is the one that my family does. It has seasonal veggies, whole grains, and meats and fish.

The Veggie box is a great box is you are a vegetarian or want to have some meatless meals. It comes with seasonal vegetables, hearty grains, and vegetarian proteins.

The Family box has family-friendly and easy-to-follow recipes.

Image of the Hello Fresh fish meal, which was excellent.Is the Classic Box good for kids?

My son has eaten five out of six dinners from Hello Fresh, so it definitely works for us! (He even ate rockfish, which I told him was just really soft chicken.  It worked, ha ha!)

We get the two person dinners and have found that it is enough food for the three of us.

Are the recipes easy to follow?

Yes! Now please note that I am not someone that enjoys being in the kitchen.  Never have been, and probably never will.

That being said though, I’m coming around to it more and more. The whole cooking experience has actually, dare I say it, been really fun for me. My husband and son are using outside playing while I’m drinking a glass of wine and cooking dinner.

I literally don’t have to think about anything: measuring out ingredients, staring in the refrigerator to figure out what to make, looking online for recipes, etc. And I absolutely love that!

There’s a lot of chopping and zesting (or maybe I’m just picking the more tedious recipes), but I don’t mind it.  Everything takes about 30 minutes to cook and the prep time, if any, is about 10 minutes.  I’ve really enjoyed it and that has helped us to have a good meal together at least three times per week.

Photo of the Hello Fresh pork chops, which were very yummy!What recipes have you tried and what are your thoughts about them?

  1. Dukkah-Crusted Pork Chops with mashed potatoes and lemony greens
  2. Rockfish Piccata with sauteed spinach, Israeli couscous, and lemon caper sauce
  3. Gnocchi Bolognese with fresh tomato sauce, carrots, and parmesan cheese
  4. Smoky Adobo Chicken Tacos with mango slaw and lime crema
  5. Crispy Chicken Salad with parmesan and roasted potatoes
  6. Jamie’s Beef Kofte with Herby Couscous salad
  7. Bayou-Spiced Rockfish with southern succotash and crispy roasted potatoes

Everything has been delicious, with my favorite meal being the crispy chicken salad. I would have never thought to pair roasted potatoes with a chicken salad, but it worked and it was delicious. The spices have been great and the pairing of veggies really makes the dish stand out.

Image of the Hello Fresh fish recipe - which was amazingMy Hello Fresh Review Summary: You need to try Hello Fresh (Plus get $40 off below!)

Perhaps you can relate to this: My husband and I were starting to get lazy with dinners and ordering out frequently.  I think Hello Fresh has actually saved us some money since we aren’t going out to dinner as much and it’s provided us with great meals that I would have never thought to make. We’ve tried ingredients that I wouldn’t usually cook (I’m talking to you, couscous).

All in all, it’s been really fantastic and I kind of feel like a gourmet chef. The stuff I’m making is so out of my normal cooking ability.  I feel fancy and am loving it. Hello Fresh is definitely a keeper for me and my family. So my final Hello Fresh review is an A+!

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