Finally! A lip plumper that actually plumps lips!!

image of plump lipsYou know how we all have those things that we would like to change about ourselves? One of mine is my lips, more specifically my upper lip.  It’s so small that it’s nonexistent and that just doesn’t work for me. I’m crazy envious of the people with plump lips, a la Angelina Jolie. I’ve purchased lip plumpers in the past, but never noticed a huge difference. I even got my lip liner tattooed on forever ago (before it was even popular) and nothing. Although it was cool when my lips were so swollen because they got really huge…

Younique released a lip plumper that is exclusive to June. Since I have an obsession with eyebrows (microblading anyone?) and lips, I couldn’t wait to place my order. I ordered eight of them and am so glad I did because it’s fantastic and actually does plump your lips!

What’s so great about Younique’s new lip plumper, Hottie?

Besides the awesome name, it does exactly what it says it will do: Hottie plumps your lips and you will see a difference. It comes in a lip gloss form that is pale pink and looks amazing as is. (Remember, you are talking to the girl that is obsessed with chapstick so of course I love the pale pink.)

image of hottie lip plumping gloss youniqueIt’s super easy to apply. It goes on like you would put on any other lip gloss. I make sure to put it the entirety of my lips, even in the corners. Hey, lips can never be too plump in my book!

Almost immediately after you apply it, you will notice a tingly feeling. I love that feeling because you can actually feel it working its magic! I got results in about 20 minutes and the tingles made me happy and reminded me to constantly look in the mirror to check out my results. I had the highest of hopes that this would transform my nonexistent upper lip into something. Anything. And guess what? It did! My lips started growing right away!


Of course, as with most Younique products, you will find added benefits with the products. The Hottie lip plumper is no different! When used over time, you may find that it fills in fine lines and gives you more of a plump lip even when you are not wearing it. Long-term use gives you long-term results. I’ve been putting it on at night and going to bed with it. I need me some plump lips on the regular. Stat.

image of hottie lip plumperI would definitely recommend this product. It said what it would do and it delivered fast! My lips got plumper and my smile sure did grow when it did. I noticed a difference and sent a text to all of my girl friends to see if they could tell a difference to… They all could and said that it was noticeable! You know I walked around with an extra pep in my step for sure 🙂

What about you? Do you have a favorite lip plumper that you use or are you still looking for the right one?




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