Dragonfly Yoga Clothing Review: Is It Really Worth It?

The new dragonfly yoga clothing line is amazing. Here I am wearing the Dragonfly shirt, jacket, pants, and holding their yoga matI’m so excited to share a new line of yoga clothing and accessories with you called Dragonfly Yoga. As you may have read previously on my blog, I was a very loyal customer to Lululemon for years and have a closet full of Lulu clothing. But then the quality went downhill in my opinion.

Who wants to spend a lot of money on yoga pants only for them to be see-through? Not this girl. Even the material on some of the newer pants didn’t seem to be as flattering as some of my pants from year’s prior.

It was a sad breakup, but I’m not into wasting money. Since then, I’ve been on the lookout for my new favorite yoga clothes, but there hasn’t been any specific brand that I’ve just fallen in love with.

Until Dragonfly Yoga Entered My Life…

image of the Dragonfly Yoga logoLet me back up a bit. I was contacted by one of my friend’s who is affiliated with Dragonfly Yoga and was asked if I’d do an honest review in exchange for some items from their line. Being that I have been looking for new yoga clothes for some time and have tried many brands, I was so excited about this. He sent me: the Dragonfly Tank Top, the Dragonfly Relaxed Pant, the Dragonfly Jacket, and the Dragonfly Performance Pro Mat (since I’m such a yoga pro, you know). Everything arrived really fast and I couldn’t wait to try everyone out!

image of me wearing the new dragonfly yoga clothing lineThe first thing that I did was put my hand in the butt of the pant to do “the” test. I couldn’t see my hand at all. I guess you could say things showing in pants that shouldn’t be showing have traumatized me. The next step was to try everything on.

Holy smokes, y’all! If you want yoga clothes that are really cute, please try this brand. The material is amazing. It’s thick, but not hot. It’s flattering and fitted, but not too tight. It holds in all of the body parts that should be held in and creates a really pretty figure and shape for you. And those thoughts were just from the initial trying on session. You better believe that I couldn’t wait to actually do some yoga and put it to the test to see the results.

You know when you are doing any kind of exercise, how it’s super annoying when your shirt or pants ride up and you have to constantly adjust your clothing every ten seconds? Yeah, that doesn’t happen with Dragonfly. At all. I did a one-hour yoga session and not once did I need to adjust anything. And, if I’m being honest here, I usually have to adjust my top so that my boobs stay put, but I didn’t this time.

The Dragonfly tank top provides really great coverage, so I didn’t have to worry about anything falling out. Everything stayed in its place for the entire workout and it was so nice to not have to worry about my clothes moving. Another thing that I really like about this tank is that it has a built-in bra and comes with bra cups. It’s a razorback cut tank with the colors black, red, and white braided on the back and the cute Dragonfly yoga logo under the braid.

The Dragonfly Relaxed Pant is really comfy and is the kind of pant that you just don’t want to take off ever. It’s perfect for yoga (the pants stay in place the entire time), running errands, or even lounging around on those lazy days. There’s even a small pocket on the back of the pants for keys, cards, or chapstick.

Picture of me wearing the new Dragonfly yea shirtI love when the weather turns colder and I need a jacket to stay warm. My favorite kind of jacket is one with thumbholes. Seriously, I love thumbholes! Even my son loves thumbholes. He actually wore the Dragonfly Jacket (more like a dress) around when it arrived because he was so excited for the thumbholes. This jacket is my absolute favorite item that I was sent. It’s flattering, the black with red stitching stands out and provides a great look, and the material is perfect! Oh, and did I mention it has thumbholes?!

The Dragonfly Performance Pro Mat is no joke. This is the real deal (all 5.5 pounds of it) and puts all of my previous yoga mats to shame. (Oh yes, I’ve totally converted and only use this one now.) I like it for many reasons. It’s the thickest yoga mat I’ve ever had and the thickness provides cushion for joint protection. My wrists are really weak and hurt after doing certain yoga positions. Since using this mat, I’ve noticed a huge change in how long I can hold my positions. The extra cushion has really been a lifesaver and for this fact alone, I would be sold on this mat. I also like that I do not slip when using this mat during yoga. My feet and arms stay put, no matter how sweaty I get… and I get pretty sweaty!

Click Here To See All Of The Dragonfly Yoga Products And Accessories

photo of the dragonfly logo iconAll in all, I’m in love and have found my new yoga-clothing brand and accessories. I feel pretty in the clothes. I’m comfortable in the clothes. They don’t move when I’m working out. They are true to size and machine washable. It really doesn’t get any better than that! I can’t wait until they come out with more colors to choose from. Give Dragonfly a try and I promise you’ll fall in love just like I have! So YES – I give my Dragonfly review a 10 out of 10!

And if you are wondering where you can buy Dragonfly Yoga products and accessories, you can find them on these sites: Target.comKohls.comYogaAccessories.com, or direct at DFYoga.com.

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  1. Hi Kristin, I love your blog! Tried the Dragonfly pants and they are PERFECT! Thanks! You may also like Addidas Capri pants- I get mine at Ross for cheap :).

  2. What are your measurements for the Relaxed Pant and what size do you have? I’m inquiring because I’m interested in trying them because of the fit and I’ve always had issues with getting yoga pants to fit right

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