Do You Have A Cat? Can You Relate To Any Of This?

Photo of my cat TigerCats are funny little creatures, aren’t they? They are cuddly when they want to be, but can turn on your in an instant. Everything is done on the cat’s term, which I find hilarious, but oh so true!

As I’ve previously said, I’ve never been a cat person. To quote Taylor Swift, “like never, ever, ever, ever”. I’ve always thought cats were mysterious creatures who could turn on you in a second, which kind of makes them sound like a scary animal, but you know it’s true. They march to the beat of their own tune. Case in point, my cat loves to look at me and roll over for me to rub his belly. That being said, I need to just know that he wants me to rub his belly five times, not six because that’s too many and he might try to bite me then. How silly of me for not knowing that!

And I totally love that my cat serenades me while in the process of feeding him. All the way from my bedroom while I am fast asleep. I mean, he’s so sweet to wake me up and constantly meow during the entire food preparation process. (Insert sarcasm here.) He sees me get the food out of the refrigerator and sings constantly, while progressively getting louder and louder, until his food is placed on the ground. If I’m lucky, he will eat a bite or two before deciding he’s just not hungry anymore.

Cat playing with outlet coverYou know those electrical outlet covers that you buy to childproof your outlets at home when your kids are little? You know it’s not really meant for your kid’s safety, right? It’s meant to be a cat toy. Duh. Literally my 5-year old thinks that these covers are cat toys, nothing else.

What about the fact that cats just randomly get frisky and start jumping up on the walls for no apparent reason? That’s so fun, especially when I’m home alone at night. Or at 2am when I’m wondering if there’s a burglar in my house. Fun times.

I’m on my laptop a lot and my cat will hop in my lap periodically. I think he just wants to cuddle with me, but really he wants all of the attention and suddenly laying in my lap isn’t enough for him. He likes to lay on the keyboard so that I can get absolutely nothing done. I like to think he just really loves me that much that he wants my undivided attention. Same thing rings true when I’m going to the bathroom. The sweet little guy just wants to hang out and watch me. Aww.

But cats can be a hilarious sometimes. Just watch this video and you’ll see what I mean:

My least favorite thing to do is to clean the kitty litter. I mean scooping pee and poop like I’m on a treasure hunt for gold just doesn’t do it for me. At all. So you can imagine how much I love my cat watching me change the litter and then hopping in there to go to the bathroom immediately. This is not a coincidence; it happens every single time. I’m so thankful that the litter box can never stay clean. At least I know I’m needed. I wish I could teach my cat to go to the bathroom on the toilet, a la “Meet the Parents”, but I don’t see that happening.

photo of our cat tiger on my deskIn reality, I’m happy to have this little four-legged furry creature in my life. He’s super sweet and is my son’s best friend. (My son calls him his brother. Hope that’s not code for he’s going to need therapy when he’s older. Kidding.) My house is virtually bug-free, which is awesome, especially in Houston, land of the big cockroaches, spiders, and other yucky things.

I don’t ever have to set my alarm because he meows at the door if I try to sleep past 7am on any given day. When I take a bath, he’s right there on the ledge debating whether or not to get in the water and then remembers he’s a cat and gets freaked out and just tries to drink the bath water. He’s a good little guy and I’m happy that he started living on my porch years ago so that I could adopt him. “Who rescued who?” is such a true statement. I never would have known the sweetness of cats if I didn’t take a chance him.

And thank you God that I’ve never heard him hiss because that would terrify me more than you could ever imagine.

So what about you? Do you have a fabulous cat? Share your cat story below!

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