Do You Absolutely Love Lipstick Or Lipgloss?

Picture of all the Younique Lipstick colors.There are two kinds of women in the world: Lipstick lovers and Lip Gloss lovers. When I was younger, I loved playing with my mom’s lipstick, just like most little girls do. Once I got a little older and discovered lip gloss though, I never went back to lipstick.

No matter how hard my mom tried (and she did try, mostly with red lipstick at my formal dances in high school), I just never liked the way that it made my lips feel. Since then, I’ve always just been a lip gloss kind of girl. I like the way that lip gloss feels on my lips rather than the dry finish that lipstick leaves.

When Younique announced that one of the new Fall makeup products released in September would be 15 different shades of lipstick, I have to admit that I was not overly excited. Not that I didn’t think that people would love the lipstick, but I have just never been a lipstick-wearing girl. But that is where my story with not wearing lipstick ends.

I fell in love with Younique’s Moodstruck Opulence Lipstick and am a total convert now. Yep, you read that right: I puffy heart love Younique’s lipstick! It became available on September 1st, 2015. I have not worn lip gloss since that date. Can you believe it? I’m totally in love and obsessed with Younique’s lipstick now.

What’s so Great about Lipstick from Younique?

Image of me wearing lipstick by YouniqueI think the reason that I’ve never loved lipstick before is because I felt like it was seriously smothering my lips. You know what I’m talking about… That feeling of super dryness that masks your lips and you feel like you can’t even move them. Like they just stopped functioning as lips on your face. Ugh, I hate that feeling.

Younique’s lipstick does not try to kill your lips. In fact, it’s creamy and, more importantly, stays creamy. There’s no dryness happening at all. It’s absolutely perfect. And it’s very long lasting. Like you will still have color on your lips after eating lunch with your girl friends. And after drinking water. And after talking. It is a lipstick that you can count on to get you through your day.

Another plus is that it stays on all day without feathering. Don’t know what feathering means? (That’s okay; I didn’t either and had to google it.) Feathering is when your lipstick runs into the creases of your lips and fine lines around your mouth. Feathering and bleeding mean the same thing in terms of lipstick and despite what you call it, no one wants that to happen on lips. It’s just not a good look for anyone!

So, just to recap, our lipstick (and our Stiff Upper Lip Stain) is fabulous because it lasts a long time, it is creamy, it doesn’t feather, AND we have 15 beautiful shades to choose from. I feel like I get to play dress up every single day because I can plan my outfits to go with my fun lipstick shades. It’s the best!

Younique’s Opulence Lipstick is also:

– Gluten free,
– Soy free,
– Collagen free,
– Fragrance free,
– Paraben free,
– Latex free,
– Sulfate free,
– PABA free,
– BPA free, and
– is not tested on animals.

Younique has 15 lipstick shades for you to try:

1. Affluent – Creamy Mauve,
2. Conceited – Shimmery Pink,
3. Excessive– Matte Burgundy,
4. Extravagant – Creamy Bright Coral,
5. Fortunate– Creamy Red-Brown,
6. Loaded – Creamy Rose Pink,
7. Pretentious– Shimmery Raspberry,
8. Prodigal – Pearly Peach,
9. Ritzy – Shimmery Pale Pink,
10. Stinkin’ Rich – Red Pearl,
11. Swanky – Shimmery RedBrown,
12. Upper Class – Shimmery Mauve,
13. Upscale – Shimmery Peach,
14. Vain – Pearly Fuchsia,
15. Well-To-Do – Shimmery Nude

Price: $19 USD, $23 CAD, $25 AUD, $26 NZD, £15 GBP, $330 MXN, €20 EUR

If your opinion of lipstick is anything like how mine was, you’ll definitely want to give this lipstick a shot! It will change your opinion of lipstick (Younique’s anyways) forever. I just know that you’ll be a new lipstick convert like I am! You can order your lipstick here. Thanks!

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