Day 2 of Marathon Training

image of marathon training day 2Day 2️⃣ of #marathontraining & #last90days

➡️ Listened to Rise podcast #111 on “What’s keeping you from making a million dollars?”

➡️ Power word: Courage

Random thoughts: I need to remember to not run by the driveways in the neighborhoods on trash day 😬 Whoa, the smell of a week’s worth of trash combined with 95 degrees was brutal. Also, using my tank to wipe my sweat on my face made me happy because of the detergent smell. It’s really the little things, y’all 😂

Things to celebrate: Ran 2.66 miles without stopping❗️This is freakin’ HUGE for me!! Walked once for .24 & then ran the rest! 14’27 pace & 3.81 miles total. Still slow, but I did it 🙌🏼 It really is all a mindset thing 🧠 Loved the cooler weather too ☀️

#40before40 #KristinRunsAMarathon #StartToday #RisePodcast

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