How to Curl Your Hair with Foil and a Flat Iron

how to curl hair using flat iron and aluminum foilI’m always looking for ways to fix my hair without having to spend too much time on it, so my interest was piqued when I saw a YouTube video about how to curl your hair with only foil and a flat iron. Consider me intrigued and naturally, I wanted to try this method out myself. It does make me wonder, however, who comes up with some of the “how to” videos I see online. It’s like, “Hmm, I am bored and have foil and my flat iron. Let’s see what I can do.” Ah, but I regress…

Today was the perfect day to try it out, as I left the house with wet hair this morning to drop my son off at school. I came home and was prepared to curl my hair (you know, so it looked presentable), but decided to tear some foil, heat my flat iron, and try this new way out instead.

I’ll admit that I was quite the skeptic while putting loops of my hair in the foil. I’m not exactly sure what I thought would happen, but having lots of curls was not one of them. (And I mean LOTS of curls, as you’ll see in the video.) For a brief moment, I was brought back in time to 6th grade and the tight perm that I had then. Let’s just say that lots of tight curls isn’t the best look for me. Ha!

In all seriousness though, I think you’ll be amazed… I know I was. This way of curling hair really does work and it’s very simple to do. (Really, you can’t mess it up.) All the steps are listed below, or feel free to watch the video I made while I curled my hair with aluminum foil and a flat iron:

How to Curl your Hair with Foil and a Flat Iron:

Step 1: Grab a section of hair and wrap it around your fingers in a loop.

Step 2: Wrap up the loop of hair in the foil.

Step 3: Once you have foiled your whole head, use your flat iron to scrunch the foil 2-3 times. (Be careful – The foil will be hot!)

Step 4: After you have heated all of the foils, start taking them out one by one.

What I learned:

1. Be careful with heating the foils by your neck. I know, I know, this seems like a no-brainer, but I was in a hurry and forgot. Let me just say that super HOT doesn’t even begin to describe the foil touching my neck. Ouch. Consider yourself warned.

2. If you don’t like lots of curls, make loops with bigger sections of your hair. Next time I try this, I will do a looser loop with more hair. I think it will be less fluffy (read: 1980’s), more of a relaxed wave, and definitely more my style doing it this way. I also have a lot of hair, so bigger loops will definitely suit me better in the future. (Again, perms went away for a reason, y’all.)

3. It does not matter which direction you loop your strands of hair or how you fold the foil. I was not consistent in wrapping the loop or folding the foil and still got great results.

4. You don’t have to keep the foils in long at all, nor do you have to heat them with the flat iron for a long period of time. I did 2-3 scrunches with the flat iron to each foiled piece and that was enough.

All in all, this was a fun experiment to try! I wasn’t sure it would work, and was pleasantly surprised that it got the job done. I will definitely try doing this again in the future, but will make sure to use bigger strands of hair and looser loops in the foil, as I’m not digging the super curled look that I have going on right now. I do think that reaching for the curling iron is a lot easier and less time-consuming for me, but, again, this was definitely something fun to try!

If you try it, I’d love to see your results!

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  1. I’ve thought about doing this but I was always afraid that it could electrocute you in someway or somehow. Isn’t that possible or no?

    • I’m not sure if it’s possible, but I didn’t get electrocuted 😉 I think it’s fine as long as you don’t leave the iron on the foil for a long time!

      • How long do you have to get the aluminum foil on your hair until you can take it off because I have wedding to go to tomorrow and do my hair like that

      • Kristin, I know a hairstylist & she told me to still use a heat protectant. I tried it once and it really did create curls. However, I’m trying to make larger curls so they won’t be too tight (I want a more wavy-type look). I have yet to try the thick ones, but I think I’m about to today before church. I used to use a basic curling iron, in addition to rollers, but it never EVER stayed put—even with hair spray, which was so frustrating (since I always wanted to brush my hair). I got jealous when women could brush their curls and they would stay put all day long :). Since I didn’t like the tight curls, I brushed it out w/ a water bottle the first time I tried it, so I don’t know if it’ll stay all day yet. Did they stay for you? Did you use a hair spray or mousse? I would love to hear from you guys. Make sure in the “subject” box you put “hair curls” so I don’t accidentally delete it. Thanks.

        • Hi Belinda,

          Yes, my curls stayed for a couple of days actually. I did not use hairspray or mousse in my hair. I hope you’ve had better luck with them staying. Did you ever get your beachy waves from doing it looser?

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